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Chuck Hagel

Profound Intimidation of Israel Lobby & Chuck Hagel

The U.S., supposedly the world’s only “superpower” with a defense budget over a trillion dollars this year (according to Jim Lobe greater than the combined budgets of the 10 next-most powerful militaries), recently held confirmation hearings conducted by its Senate Armed Services Committee with former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense. Read more about Profound Intimidation of Israel Lobby & Chuck Hagel

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Hagel Hype

It truly sickens me the way Republicans can spend a lifetime of running our country into the ground, go on Sunday morning TV, make a few nice sounds and presto, he's cabinet material.

The latest from Steve Clemons: Chuck Hagel Will Help Obama Find his "Inner Nixon".

Clemons says this like it was a good thing. Yeah, the secret bombing of Cambodia, the destruction of Chilean democracy, and so many other things were such a good idea and worked out so well for our country. Read more about Hagel Hype

Hagel for State!


A team of Reed at Defense and Hagel at State could be a potent and effective one, and progressives should not automatically sneeze at it just because Chuck Hagel is an economic and social conservative.

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