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Blogger Meeting with Obama: A Missed Opportunity

On October 27, 2010, a group of 5 "liberal" bloggers met with Obama: Duncan “Atrios” Black of Eschaton, John Amato of Crooks and Liars, Barb Morrill of Daily Kos, Oliver Willis and Joe Sudbay of AmericaBLOG. Bloggers often criticize the MSM for asking lame questions, not focusing on the important issues, being easily fobbed off with pap, and not following up. Reading the transcript of their interaction with Obama, I would say they got rolled and performed pretty much on par with the MSM.

The general form went something like this:

Blogger: Question
Obama: blah, blah, blah
Blogger: Thank you Read more about Blogger Meeting with Obama: A Missed Opportunity

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Why "We" Lose, Pt 34244

I guess I'm one of the few people who were there the first year as well as last year, and recall the last minute "fuck off" that we Little People received in Chicago from Her Nibs. Hint: She didn't show. Blah, Blah, order and security and Seriousness blah, but if this is true, I'm even more glad I saved the money for the garden instead of the trip to Austin: Read more about Why "We" Lose, Pt 34244

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Say Hello

To Zoriah.

Not vouching, Ok, I'll vouch. FDL says he needs our support. I'm happy to give it. Read more about Say Hello

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This is What a Real Man Says:


It means nothing to the dead and little to their families, but it's still an important step in moving this nation back towards sanity. Conservative blogger Cole bitchslaps the stupidest of Villagers thusly:

see that Andrew Sullivan was asked to list what he got wrong about Iraq for the five year anniversary of the invasion, and since I was as big a war booster as anyone, I thought I would list what I got wrong:


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Why Libertarians are Going to Surprise the Goopers (or not, via Diebold)

I know, I know- my smart friends keep telling me to ignore what I perceive to be a Republican revolt, and an upswell of "libertarianism" in that party. OK, I'm probably wrong. But then there is this thread. It probably means nothing. And yet- on a recent drive thru this state, going up north to the country, what did I see? A lot of poverty, and misery. And, a lot of signs. For one guy, and no one else. That guy was Ron Paul. Read more about Why Libertarians are Going to Surprise the Goopers (or not, via Diebold)

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Onion Dip: Blatantly Anti-Catholic

I've refrained from too much blogging about Donohue's idiotic campaign to get Amanda fired since the first couple of days, mainly because so many others have picked up on it and Edwards came out and did as close to the right thing as he could. But let's put it all in perspective, shall we? Who is the Donohue guy anyway? Well, besides being a gay-bashing, Jew-hating bigot, he's also the guy who decided that one of 2001's top ten anti-Catholic atrocities was...onion dip. No, I am not making that up.
Read more about Onion Dip: Blatantly Anti-Catholic

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Courage vs Popularity

That's going to be my theme for the day. (Scroll down for update) Read more about Courage vs Popularity

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Reid Comes Around, Declares War


I just got off a conference call with Senator Reid, and his office has given the go ahead to blog on record about what he said. Other bloggers were in on it too, so look around for other reports, as mine is going to be a little strongly worded. Read more about Reid Comes Around, Declares War

Okay, Bill, Where the Hell is Mine?


Is there anything more aggravating than being immensely proud of one's sense of ethics, and never getting a chance to demonstrate them by turning down a big, fat, juicy bribe?

I guess I'll never know, because Microsoft did not find me a Blogger Worth Bribing with a superhot top-o-the-line new laptop:
Read more about Okay, Bill, Where the Hell is Mine?

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To the Fighters


Ok, so I'm a tad nervous this morning. Coffee probably wasn't a good idea this morning, but it's going to be a busy day. I'll be at several election parties tonight, and running around between blogging today, and chewing on my fingernails. But I wanted to say:

Thank you, Fremen warriors. And: I'm sorry for being such a Bitch.

Long Live the Fighters! Read more about To the Fighters

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Iraqi Bloggers Say...

I've got to run, so go to the original post for the livelinks. But I try to read several Iraqi bloggers at least several times a week, and I found quite a bit of news, perspective and other types of useful information that I never see in the SCLM.

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Friends I've Never Met

I'm worried about Riverbend. It's been since early August since she's posted. She's always been part of the "lucky" Iraqis, and enjoyed some power, water, food and money enough to blog. I wonder, worriedly, what's changed. I've been reading her since shortly after she started blogging, and I feel like she's a friend. Anyone with any insight into this, I would greatly appreciate your view. I have great fear that she has been identified, or otherwise targeted by the Shia fundamentalists. Please tell me I'm wrong. Read more about Friends I've Never Met

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Smart Move by Ned

This is great news. Sirota to work for Lamont:

Clearly, this is an uphill fight - but then, uphill fights are the kind of campaigns I have always worked on. Why? Because trying to change the status quo is always an uphill fight. In 1998, people told me not to work for Joe Hoeffel because they said he couldn't win a Republican congressional seat in Pennsylvania - but we won. In 2004, people told me I was crazy for working for political outsider Brian Schweitzer because they said he could never win a statewide race in as Republican a state as Montana. Now, Schweitzer is the widely popular governor of Big Sky country. People said Ned Lamont couldn't win a primary against an 18-year incumbent who grossly outspent him with a massive warchest of corporate cash - but he won. Even after Ned's crushing primary victory, elite cynics in Washington and the national Republican Party apparatus that is supporting Joe Lieberman still say Ned can't win the general election. And once again, we're going to prove them wrong.
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