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Why Don't You Two Get A Room?

I've been watching these two flirting while pretending not to flirt since about 2002. The elephant would watch the donkey all the time, and the donkey would watch back, while they pretended to hate each others' guts. The donkey would pretend not to give a shit -- not speaking to him, not returning his calls, but the whole time she'd look for excuses to be around while the elephant was in the room. It got to be pretty annoying after a while -- the donkey would be flirting her ass off, and the whole time saying it was nothing, just a little bipartisanship, all in a spirit of compromise. Read more about Why Don't You Two Get A Room?

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Democrats Finally Give Up Bipartisanship on Health Care


Is the era of new politics over? 

Via the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — Given hardening Republican opposition to Congressional health care proposals, Democrats now say they see little chance of the minority’s cooperation in approving any overhaul, and are increasingly focused on drawing support for a final plan from within their own ranks.


Drilling for Clean Energy?

Bipartisanship, perhaps an oxymoron already, brings us an apparent oxymoron: "Drilling for Clean Energy" from Representatives Jim Marshall and Roscoe Bartlett, writing in the WaPo:

...a strategic plan to use the remaining value of our federally owned oil and natural gas reserves to fund a clean, affordable and independent energy future for America, a goal worthy of short-term environmental concessions and risks.

Their idea is to open up ANWR and offshore for drilling, but under changed financial terms that would capture more of the revenues for the federal government, and ensure that the money goes to develop solar, wind, nuclear, and "better" biofuels. Read more about Drilling for Clean Energy?

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Triangulation: The Next Generation

[Welcome, Crooks & Liars readers!]

Why is it that Barack Obama’s rhetoric sounds so strangely familiar?

Oh, I remember. There was this charming young fellow from Arkansas – what was the name of that town? Anyway, he had this awfully nice idea, about a “third way” alternative to right-left partisanship. I wonder what became of him and that darling wife of his.... Read more about Triangulation: The Next Generation

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Framing the framing about the framing

At the risk of unleashing an Ice-nine-scale attack of meta-ness, here is how I broached the topic of bipartisanship with the folks at Democratic Underground...

Let's talk about Obama, Hillary, and "Bipartisanship"

For the record, I'm not trying to start a flame war.

But I'm going to talk honestly and share three links (at the end) I'd like you to check out.

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The Sorry News: Sorry About Bipartisanship

Welcome to the first episode of "The Sorry News," a series of occasional commentaries about false narratives in today's America.

Suggestions for future topics are most welcome! What dubious memes, truisms, and such get your goat???

Today's topic is the oft-praised quality of "Bipartisanship."

Transcript: Read more about The Sorry News: Sorry About Bipartisanship

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