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Bill Kristol

Punch's gain is Fred's loss

Kristol being a net negative.

Yes, Bill Kristol's moving from Izvestia to Pravda. How nice for him; how nice for them; indeed, how nice for everyone.

Who is anyone.

I assume he won't have to worry about losing his health insurance?

NOTE Via the Great Avedon. Read more about Punch's gain is Fred's loss

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Stop making sense

This week, Bill Kristol wrote one of the MSM's wisest assessments of the Democratic primaries, and Peggy Noonan's commentary about Reverend Wright is downright thoughtful.

Allen Funt is dead, so there's gotta be an Ashton Kutcher in here somewhere! Read more about Stop making sense

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Once again, Kristol blew persuasion

On The Daily Show, Bill Kristol pulls off a Glenn Greenwald hat trick:

1. He says "serious" or "seriously" six times in a seven-minute interview

2. He called O'Hanlon and Pollack "skeptics of the war"

3. He called General Petraeus "non-partisan." Read more about Once again, Kristol blew persuasion

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