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big lie

When is the Guardian going to start that US edition?


Or the Independent. Or Le Monde. Because it seems like press and Bush regime Newspeak on Iraq is now complete. Anybody we fight or kill in Iraq is now called "Al Qaeda," which is the Big Lie the regime used to get us into Iraq in the first place.

It never ends, does it? It just gets worse and worse.

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Give Us This Day Our Daily Krug

The way kids used to take turn standing on each other's shoulders so the one on top could peek through the knothole in the outfield wall and watch the ballgame, we present today's host who frees Krugman from the paywall: the admirably named Free Democracy, bringing us "Sweet Little Lies." Or more accuratly, an honest discussion of the lies, named accurately as lies, and broken down into Little and Big Lies. Read below the fold...

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