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Baltimore Police and Fire pensions to skyrocket because increases are tied to the stockmarket

I look at it this way, if they ever bring back "The Wire," this could make for some interesting plot lines:

An unusual pension benefit for police and firefighters could cost Baltimore $164.9 million next year, nearly double what the city is now paying and a figure that the city's finance director says taxpayers cannot afford.

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Today's National Day of Action Post: Baltimore

National Demonstrations against health insurance company denials and rejections of patients

Demonstrations will be held in front of the largest and wealthiest multi-billion dollar companies exposing and indicting their practices that have, so long, kept us from having a national health insurance plan with equality for all in this nation with no financial barriers to care.

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Baltimore belongs to Fascists

Caught this one at Max’s new site. Baltimore has gone over to the fascists. Read below the fold...

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