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Al Qaeda

Ends-Justify-Means, Craven US Strategy re Russia & Syria

I knew Obama was not sincere in any humanitarian intentions in Syria.

I knew Obama would not work with Russia to bring peace to Syria. Instead the Obama administration is doing all it can to demonize Russia re the Ukraine situation and re Sochi Olympics and the gay issue. The corporate media, of course, is obliging. Doing all it can also to discredit Russia.

Thierry Meyssan in “After Yugoslavia, Ukraine?” writes: Read more about Ends-Justify-Means, Craven US Strategy re Russia & Syria

Libby’s Stew: A Serious Assessment of the Syrian War


Stephen M. Walt writes in “What is the U.S. REALLY Doing in Syria?”:

1. The Syrian conflict has become a proxy fight between the opposition and its various allies (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Turkey, etc.) and Bashar al-Assad's regime and its various outsider supporters (Iran, Russia, Hezbollah).

The Elephant in the Benghazi Room is Al Qaeda as Frenemy

One of Obama’s damage control frontiers this week is the “cover up” after the tragic and deadly attack on the Benghazi consulate last September.

It is being roundly pooh-poohed as not scandal-label-worthy by Obama Team Dems. The one MSNBC anchor I am willing to watch, Chris Hayes, tonight led the pooh-poohers much to my frustration. He called it a “nothingburger”! Read more about The Elephant in the Benghazi Room is Al Qaeda as Frenemy

US/Int’l Cronies Hypocrisy/Evil Behind Destruction of Syria

Nile Bowie writes:

“There is no surer sign of a pathological mind than when one credits others with the blood on their own hands.”

France/US Score Big in Mali: 'Immense Human Suffering'

Bill Van Auken reminds us that the US-French intervention in Mali has been touted as “humanitarian”, “aimed at rescuing Malian people from Islamists.” He declares, “the reality is that the war has unleashed immense human suffering.”

Van Auken: Read more about France/US Score Big in Mali: 'Immense Human Suffering'

Obama, US, NATO Heart Al Qaeda in Syria (WTF?)

NATO ministers met in Brussels today, December 5th, to approve Turkey’s request for Patriot missiles and for foreign and US troops to be deployed to their border with Syria.

The US/NATO War-machine plows onward in the attempted illegitimate overthrow of Syria, much as it did with its successful illegitimate overthrow of Libya.

Turkey has offered geographical strategic assistance to the US- and NATO-backed so-called “rebels” trying to overthrow Assad’s Syrian regime. Turkey now offers itself as a flimsy fig-leaf for craven powerful western intervention into Syria. Read more about Obama, US, NATO Heart Al Qaeda in Syria (WTF?)

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Words Fail

You know you're in Surrealville when you can't even think of a word to describe what you've just read. In this case, it's a story in Wired on the Department of Death's plan to expand drone warfare, because Al Qaeda!!!

The plans were detailed by Leon Panetta at a meeting of the American Center for Security or some such horseshit. No, he did not address the fact that “the most precise campaign in the history of warfare” has slaughtered untold numbers of innocent people, women and children included. But as the writer notes, the U.S. is making amends. Sort of. Read more about Words Fail

The Bitter Truth Behind the Syrian Crisis

Paul Craig Roberts recently suggested an archly apt bumper sticker: “Be nice to America or we will bring democracy to your country.”

Our government does not bring democracy to countries. Raise your hand if you are naive enough to believe it does. Especially after the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were launched (still ongoing). Those two countries are two of the five most corrupt countries in the world thanks to our craven "involvement" -- involvement a profoundly understating word. Read more about The Bitter Truth Behind the Syrian Crisis

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Not To Change the Subject from ZOMG teh Debt!!

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Al Qaeda, who's minding the store?

Al-Zawahiri: caliph-in-waiting?

Aiman al Zawahiri will run Al Qaeda because he has been running it all along. He is the man waiting to become the caliph of Pakistan


CIA Analyst Calls UN Ambassador "Crazed". CNN Anchors Get Hives

Courtesy of zero hedge which links to the comes an interview with CIA analyst Michael Scheuer by two women anchors on CNN where he tells the truth about Libya. Watch it to the end when he accuses them of "carrying water for the Obama administration." Watch the blonde's arms throughout the interview. Read more about CIA Analyst Calls UN Ambassador "Crazed". CNN Anchors Get Hives

Corporate Media Re-buffs the Turd of US Humanitarian Imperialism Even When It's For Friends of al Qaeda

(There are 590 Obama-dumping days until the 2012 Election, Hugh's Obama's Scandals List)

Before we get to a most recent super-Orwellian dimension of Obama’s Libyan War fiasco, the revelations that we are enabling some of our former enemies in our mad quest to usurp control of Libyan oil and region, let’s address some provocative and troubling comments from Steve Lendman about this so-called media- and government-labeled humanitarian intervention: Read more about Corporate Media Re-buffs the Turd of US Humanitarian Imperialism Even When It's For Friends of al Qaeda

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Is Al Qaeda Irrelevant or Broken?

Cross-posted from The Global Sociology Blog.

Two good pieces on Al Qaeda landed in my Newsreader this week and they both point in the same direction, albeit in different terms. The first one is from Tony Karon who questions the current relevance of Al Qaeda as the big post-9/11 bogeyman. For Karon, Al Qaeda is irrelevant and always was. In this respect, Al Qaeda is comparable to Trotsky... Huh? How does the comparison apply?

"Al-Qaeda is irrelevant, and yet U.S. hegemony in the Middle East is facing an unprecedented challenge from Islamist-nationalist groups. To understand the link between al-Qaeda’s weakness and the greatly expanded strength of groups such as Hamas, Hizballah, the Muslim Brotherhood and, of course, Iran, over the past seven years, it’s worth turning to the 20th century precedent: Leon Trotsky and his followers vs. the larger, nationally-focused parties of the left in the mid 20th century.

Trotsky rejected pragmatism and compromise by nationally-based leftist movements and insisted, instead, that they subordinate their specific national interests and objectives to the fantasy of “world revolution.” And as a result, long before his murder by Stalin, he found himself holed up in Mexico City, manically firing off communiques denouncing all compromise, and being largely ignored by the more substantial parties of the left world-wide. He had become an irrelevant chatterbox, caught up in a frenzy of his own rhetoric while world events simply passed him by. The same can be said of Bin Laden and Ayman Zawahiri — it is not al-Qaeda, but the likes of Iran, Hamas, Hizballah, and the Muslim Brotherhood that represent the future of the nationalist-Islamist challenge to Western power in the Middle East."

What makes Al Qaeda seemingly powerful are two factors: the one mentioned by Karon, that is, the fact that the United States treats Al Qaeda as this omnipresent threat of global proportion and reacts to every action as if it were the beginnings of a terrorist apocalypse. The second one, which I think is relevant here and contributes to the first, is that fact that Al Qaeda, being a non-state group, articulates itself opportunistically to nation-based movements (Algeria, Philippines, Indonesia, or Iraq). Read more about Is Al Qaeda Irrelevant or Broken?

Al Qaeda is blowback from torture

When Watching Coverage of Events in Lebanon

CNN is repeating the comment, attributed to "Lebanese government officials," that the massive fighting that has broken out in Tripoli is the fault of "Al Qaeda"*. By eerie coincidence our friend Juan Cole has some very profound observations just today, about this "organization" we call Al Qaeda:
Read more about When Watching Coverage of Events in Lebanon


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