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T-shirt rollout

"One voice", my sweet Aunt Fanny.

And who's got twenty-five bucks to spend on a friggin T-shirt?! The campaign is over! Get to work!*

NOTE And by "get to work" I mean get the country to work. "If you can." "Be the first to review this product"! Mine's in moderation now!


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Submitted by Jeff W on

The absolutely first thing that popped into my head when I saw that "One Voice" T-shirt was the slogan of the Beijing 2008 Olympics: One World One Dream, which sounds a bit less Leninist to me.

Fuwa next, I suppose:


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Submitted by jumpjet on

there should be a third party vying for our attention. It will come from either the left or the right, but I have a strong inclination that it is coming. I hope it comes from the left.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

Actually, I think its really the *second party* since the political class is a revolving door. But we cannot sit on our hands and hope for a "third" party. We need to start looking at potential candidates and "drafting" them.