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Symptoms of imperial decline

And a Brit would know; they had a much longer run than we're going to have:

How the west slipped into powerlessness
When the USA decided, last summer, it could not sell military intervention in Syria – either to its parliaments, its people or its military – it sent a signal to every dictator, torturer and autocrat in the world that only diplomats, at the time, truly understood. The British diplomat in charge of Syria, Reza Afshar, tweeted a one-word summary of the UK parliamentary vote on Syria: “Disaster!”

This is just dumb.

Obama's perfectly willing to whack people, and he doesn't care about Congress, let alone the American people.

Obama couldn't intervene in Syria because that would take boots on the ground, and we don't have any, because Bush and Obama, between them, broke the Army on the rack of Iraq + Afghanistan, while losing both wars in the process.

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