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Suspect on flight 253 had no passport: "It does seem a little bit odd"


I hate to even get involved in the whole terra terra terra thing -- lack of health care is a lot more likely to kill me, and you, than anything else -- but this video is pretty amazing. Listen for the episode for how the (alleged) hijacker got on without a passport. Even though he was a bankster's son, that's still pretty amazing.

But listen to the YouTube for an even more bizarre detail:

Not to get all foily, or anything, this sequence is rather odd: (1) The hijacker gets escorted to a back room, OKed, gets on the plane with no passport, (2) the whole episode is video-taped? (6:35). "I looked up, and he was the only one standing and filming the entire thing." WTF?

This sequence looks odd too: (1) Joe Lieberman starts talking up Yemen, and, my golly, only days later (2) an alleged terrorist turns out to be from that very country, Yemen. By this time, we know the drill.

NOTE Via Susie. And kudos to CNN for actually doing some reporting on this.

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alleged bomber with tall, elegantly dressed older Indian man who spoke for the younger black man, saying he was a refugee and had no passport. The counter person said he had to speak with a manager. The Indiaan puportedly said traveling without a passport was "done all the time" for such refugees. Or close to this.

We've been killing people in Yemen by drone (and other methods?) for years now. But it does sound like the causes belli that will fly with the public (and also serve to silence those damn disolbinging Dems who still wonder wby we are at war in so many places).


This is very weird. But does make sense, if looked at from the perspective of achieving the necessary buy-ins from the public and Congress.... And harder to challenge actually than, oh, those Tonquin Bay attacks back in the Vietnam War days.

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Looks like the black ops boys are busy again laying the groundwork for an action in Yemen. And as to the video recorder, that will be used for on the job evaluation. 1984 here we come.