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Suppose Sanders turns out to be Eugene McCarthy to Hillary's LBJ

Who's RFK? Who leaps into the race once the blood's in the water?



Sherrod Brown?

Andrew Cuomo?


Mark Warren?

What a pathetic bunch. RFK my sweet Aunt Fanny. Did eight years of Obama blight the Democratic Party, or what?

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And has Elizabeth Warren ever said she wouldn't accept a draft? I don't think so.

NOTE OK, Lincoln Chaffee declared. He's a metric system advocate!

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Submitted by BDBlue on

Are any of those people to the left of Hillary? Many, I believe, are likely to her right. Which should be a warning to the anyone but Hillary "progressives" - there are actually people who would be worse from a lefty perspective out there. Indeed, I've long suspected that her candidacy will once again be used to foist one of these guys on us as a new progressive champion (and I do mean guys and it won't be Sanders). Note this is not an endorsement of Hillary or anyone else. I honestly couldn't care less about 2016. Wake me when someone of any party has a plan that actually aims to do something about potential extinction of the species within a time frame that could make a difference.

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Submitted by BruceMcF on

Sherrod is definitely to the left of Hillary ... even if that is more testimony to how far right Hillary is than how far left Sherrod is ... but is no prospective Presidential candidate.

OTOH, looking at that list, it may be that nobody is.

So that raises the question, what would have happened in 1968 if there had been no RFK waiting in the wings?

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Submitted by DCblogger on

There is no precedent for this election. I would say that Sanders (who I believe will win) is playing Yeltsin to Hillary's Gorbachev. Sanders election will just be part of a larger revolution. The thing about revolutions is that public opinion shifts very dramatically very quickly.

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Submitted by BDBlue on

I hope Sanders isn't Yeltsin, who essentially overturned Russian democracy in favor of oligarchy and the U.S.-backed looters. I understand your point, but I would change the analogy if I were you, DCB, because no way would I vote for a Yeltsin.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

I thought about that myself. Yeltsin turned over the state to looters, and I am sure Bernie would do no such thing. A better analogy might be that Hillary is Al Smith and Bernie is FDR. But that does not fit either. It is like when the British Liberal party died and Labor took its place, but it is happening within the Democratic party. The point is, this is a revolution is there are no precedents.

Submitted by lambert on

.... who picks up power when it's lying in the street? Yeltsin did, though the results were very ugly.

I looked at that horrible list -- I wish Warren were on it -- and then I think about the Republicans. Nobody there, either. (I mean, not even somebody who has the personal capacity, not somebody I'd vote for.)

Ugh. Ancien regime situation, for sure.

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Submitted by Cujo359 on

I'm thinking Obama in the role of LBJ, and Hillary Clinton is Hubert Humphrey. In those roles, they almost work. Clinton's association with Obama has tainted her much as LBJ tainted Humphrey.

Even so, I can't think of anyone to cast in the role of RFK. The only person on that list who strikes me as significantly to the left of Clinton is Brown, and I don't think he has any more chance of being nominated than Sanders does.