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"Super-asinine propensities"

Twenty-cent paradigms:

As Economix notes, Mark Thoma has coined the term "austerians" for those who are calling for budget cutting in the face of continued high unemployment. That's pretty good, but I think Keynes said it even better, as his biographer Robert Skidelsky writes in the FT:

When the Conservative-Liberal coalition that had succeeded the Labour government introduced an emergency budget in September 1931, Keynes again stood out against the chorus of approval. The budget was, he wrote, “replete with folly and injustice”. He explained to an American correspondent that “every person in this country of super-asinine propensities, everyone who hates social progress and loves deflation, feels that his hour has come and triumphantly announces how, by refraining from every form of economic activity, we can all become prosperous again.”

Alrighty, then.

I guess that makes both legacy parties super-asinine, then, since neither of 'em are doing squat to end the depression, and both are falling all over themselves to appease the deficit terrorists by killing off a few more peasants with Medicare cuts, and forcing elders to eat cat food. And telling the unemployed to go die. There's a recipe for recovery!

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