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Sunday Night Lo-Fi testosterone-heavy blogging

Old age should burn and rave at close of day....

Naturally, I read about this concert in The New Yorker:

“Kashmir” is as good an example as any of Zeppelin’s weird genius. The lumbering riff pits three guitar beats against two drumbeats, executing a Sisyphean march that cycles over and over without becoming tiresome; on the record, it is the shortest eight-and-a-half-minute song I know. Its minute-long breakdown is like one long drum sample, held together by the motion of John Bonham’s dancing right foot. (P. Diddy and Schoolly D have rapped over “Kashmir.”) The lyrics are allegedly inspired by the Sahara Desert—“the storm that leaves no trace”—and the combination of strings, guitar, and Mellotron keyboard has often been described as Middle Eastern. In concert, though, it became clear that “Middle Eastern” is just one way of capturing an implausibly big and eerie song that wanders through a spooky fog in enormous boots and could just as easily be about settling on the moon or diving to the bottom of the ocean.

Led Zeppelin version 2.0 did a magnificent job with it. Plant’s voice was rich and strong, and the mingling of Page’s guitar with Jones’s keyboards was thrilling. The distorted whine could have been a cue in a summer-blockbuster score, perhaps for the moment when the dragon decides to eat Baltimore.

Gimme a glazed!

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a bass. Unbelievable.

I never paid a lot of attention to Led Zeppelin... I'd moved on from a brief Heavy Metal phase to CS&N, Joni Mitchell, etc. by the time they were taking off. But looking back, I have a lot more respect for them. Like so many bands back then, they were entirely, utterly unique.

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What was I thinking when I dissed these guys?!?!

I think I had them confused with Iron Butterfly, or something. Not like that at all.

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of music to buy myself now that Christmas is over. I do love the cross-over stuff :)

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I grew up on Zeppelin.

Their very best work, IMHO, was done pre-1975

Because I had been a very bad boy, I got the Z's digitally remastered 4 CD for Xmas. I can hardly hear today. What do I need those hair cells for anyway?

Kashmir only exists in the Sahara Desert of Neverwhere, not on the sunlit Earth at all.

No Hell below us
Above us, only sky

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From an old parody ad from BCN...

If these guys go on tour, I'm going to be there.

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Maxell, IIRC.

(Funny, this is proportioned for two facing pages in a magazine, and the impact's much greater in that context. Scale matters.)

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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my new pup Turk (wandered into the yard the day before Thanksgiving, refused to go away despite non-speaking, non-patting, non-feeding etc, so is now my new dog Turk) ate a whole bowl of Hersheys Kisses I was foolish enough to leave on a surface less than 6 ft. off the floor. (Anything higher than that he has to negotiate with the cats to knock off first.)

I googled "dog eating wrapped Hershey Kisses" and even in News section there were several dozen hits. All had an "OMG!!|!" tone to them warning of instant death...except that nobody had any actual "My dog did this and X happened" tales of ghastly demise. All were "I heard about..." or "My friend's Maltese ate 17 pounds of dark chocolate..." and Turk being, to all appearances, a yellow Lab-ish kind of beast this did not seem applicable.

Turk didn't even burp. Nor, even more amazingly, forget his very recently acquired housebreaking. And I suppose in the greater scheme of things it can be seen as a reinforcement of *my* training, i.e. not to leave bowls of Hersheys Kisses (did I mention they were the new cherry-centered ones? Or that a half a pound of cashews were in the bowl too, likewise devoured? Sob....) in places accessible to the dog.

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cuz Turk is about as weak-minded as they come. The sort of being about which, in the South, inspires a sad sigh, elevated eyebrows, tilted head, forced smile and comment of "Well, God love him anyway." *Warning* distasteful speculation below.... current theory is that consumption of cat shit neutralizes any harmful effect of either chocolate or tinfoil. This at least fits the, um, experimental evidence.