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Sunday Morning SciFi Lamentation

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Bleh, don't ask me what I'm doing up at this hour. But: an observation from my slothful couchsurfing during my vacation/forced restfulness period. The Sci-Fi channel really, really sucks. I mean, goat's genitals sort of suckitude. Which is a horrible shame. I enjoyed "Farscape" and "Serenity," which as far as teevee goes, really weren't so bad. But this crap that they are broadcasting now? Unwatchable. What happened?

At least we have some Hope for the film world. Hyperion is being made into at least a couple of movies. I'm horrified they seem to be rewriting some of it, but glad that Simmons is the one doing the rewrite. If anyone can force the difficult narrative sequence into film logic, I guess it's him.

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BSG has what 10 episodes left? And the reason it's that show's last season is that SciFi wouldn't commit to another one last year and they were afraid it would be cancelled with no chance to wrap up.

It's a shame because Farscape, while not my thing, was good fun. It made it's lack of budget a plus. But there's only so much you can do if you aren't willing to pay anyone other than the BSG folks. But, you know, the world is in desperate need of more Chapacubra tales.

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The Sci-Fi channel has largely become an instrument to grind down the minds of the impressionable.

The thing about Farscape that made it so unpopular with the corporate types was that the Peacekeepers were absolute fascists, while the crew members of Moya were all regarded as terrorists.

Even though they obviously weren't.

It was the kind of show paramilitary authoritarian types were bound to hate, so after 9/11 it was the kind of show they made sure was eliminated.

That's good news about Hyperion. One hopes the One Whose Name was Writ in Water will be treated well by the AIs that run our main$tream Data Core.

On the other hand, I am currently in angst about The Watchman since the squid has been written out of the play and Moore is unhappy.

However, if either of these endeavors encourages any novice to read the originals, perhaps they are worth it.

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...although I did enjoy Michael Shanks' turn in Megasnake 2 (snort! I mean snark!), the channel is entirely its own bad movies (and not bad in a good way), sickening gross-out reality shows, and bad original series. Watching SciFi's current offerings, it's amazing that Battlestar was ever greenlighted. They didn't even do their usual somewhat interesting December miniseries this year. They seem to have spent all their money on nabbing Lost reruns (which I quit on after the first season).

But yay! about Hyperion, esp. if it turns out to be several movies. I'm a sucker for book movies, even bad ones. Although a tv series would be better to mine the books. My predictions for the resolution on BSG is that it will be very Hyperion-like.

I'm still hearing rumors that Caprica is being worked on (although, not holding my breath), Dollhouse is still set to premiere next month(?), and Terminator is still on (for now). That's about all that is on the horizon, tv-wise, and none of it on Skiffy.

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EUReKA? I love that show. It's about a town populated by geniuses. Not your usual SciFi or quite the same as you pointed out, but it's awesome. (People don't usually agree with me, but in this case apparently people do.) I randomly got it from netflix (it was recommended) and fell in love.

SciFi's being stupid and we were supposed to see the rest of Season 3 now, but apparently now it's not until July. Ugh.

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It's a fine show, quirky without being stupid, and very entertaining. Although it's pretty upbeat -- it doesn't quite feed the same dark post-apocalyptic vein that BSG does. Well that's something to look forward to.

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that I want to live there. That town is awesome.