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Sunday Morning Music

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Valerie June - Shotgun

Shotgun by Valerie June on Grooveshark

Absolutely fucking amazing. Absolutely. Fucking. Amazing.

Buy the album right now if you haven't already.

I didn't get hip to Pushin' Against a Stone until I saw it on several year-end Best Of lists, and didn't start listening to it until this year. I heard Workin' Woman's Blues back in July but didn't really like it all that much (I think it's the weakest cut on the album) so I didn't check out anything else. I listen to so many different artists that it's one and done for me if I don't like the first song. Harsh, but it also lets me listen to more new artists. Usually if I don't like the first one I won't like subsequent ones. That's not always the case though. Great stuff always slips by, you know?

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Love, love, love VJ. Nashville didn't take too much of the crunk out of her sound. We will miss her at the Worker's Interfaith Network Labor Day picnic. And I also guess that her next release won't be kickstarter funded.