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Sunday Morning Music

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Men Without Hats - Head Above Water

Yes! The "Safety Dance" guys! They're still around! And this song is actually really good.*

Alternate Sunday Morning Music, as well as penance for posting Rae Rae a couple weeks ago: Jason Eady - AM Country Heaven (download). Couldn't find a stream for it though, and I don't like posting You Tube videos unless it's absolutely necessary.


I usually keep a queue of music about a couple weeks long; by the time I get around to listening to something I've downloaded, I've forgotten all about it. I have an extreme bias towards artists I haven't heard before because I like hearing new sounds, but every now and then I'll drop something like this or the Top 40 flavor of the month into the mix. The wait time makes for a "blind listen."

So when Head Above Water jumped out at me, it was more "I really like this, who is it?" than "I hope I'll like the new Men Without Hats song!" It's not completely blind, obviously. It could just be that my tastes run towards dinosaur music. But it's better than nothing, yeah?

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