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Sunday Morning Music....

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....and Grateful Dead open thread.

Grateful Dead - Standing on the Moon

Standing on the Moon by Grateful Dead on Grooveshark

Additional thoughts on our host's favorite band below the fold.

I like but don't love the Grateful Dead. Their best known stuff like Casey Jones has never done much for me. On the other hand, I thought they had a real late career Renaissance with In the Dark and Built to Last (where this song comes from).

Also, I never appreciated how good they were vocally until lambert posted their a capella national anthem last month. As I listened to it I thought, damn these guys could bring it. (I'll admit I've long thought their main talent was REALLY LONG jam sessions.)

As someone who's only grazed their catalog, here's my Sunday morning open thread challenge to lambert and the other Deadheads out there: Name the one (only one!) album you'd recommend to someone to get the very best the Dead have to offer. I'll take suggestions throughout the week, announce the selection in next week's Sunday Morning Music, buy the album and put it in my queue. (It'll probably take a few months to get to, though. I keep a long queue!)

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did my best and thanks for all the music you post here.

West Coast LA Freeway, I lived in this world at this time only in Northern Calif.

Whole album and I agree I think this the best one. I saw them about 20 times around the Bay Area and some days/nights they could be Great then other times just get up and leave because it wasn’t going to improve
Or goole for Keystone Korner in San Francisco, Calif.

This is a fun site it really dates me for sure. I use to hang out at Fillmore West Thurs & Sundays, then over to Keystone Korner on Mondays were it would be the who’s who of the Bay Area music scene. The people I saw there was JC, Merl Saunders, The Pointer Sisters, when there was 4 of them, Elvin Bishop, Josephine Baker, what voice and to many more to write about.

JC would park his Bentley across the street and pull out about five guitars to play that night. Once when one the world best Spanish Flamingo guitarist was in town for a Sat. & Sunday show he stayed in town and dropped by to play with JC. It was really a unreal advent.

Then later saw some Great Jazz at Keystone Korner.