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May I use the opportunity of Holy Power Daddy to introduce the concept of "The Queer Strategy?" It's like the "Southern Strategy" but for progressives.

Never mind the pit of despair, delusion, hypocrisy, and shock the African American believing community finds itself in this morning. I have little pity for people who find out that an obvious con artist and liar to whom they've uncritically and enthusiastically given money is... a con artist and liar. Oh, and Rev. Wright, Rev. Jackson? You better come correct this morning, or all your "moral" authority is forever lost.

However, the pic at the link should give you pause. Bishop Chickenhawk is part of a cadre of Uncle Toms in the minority community who were specifically empowered with "faith based" money and media opportunity for a political purpose. The African American (and Latin, for that matter) religious community is inherently conservative. Smarter Republican strategists for a long time now have sought ways to turn those groups against their traditional Democratic political leadership.
Bishop Spandex was one of their brightest stars in the matter, and proof of how well that works is found in a breakdown of votes on refs like Prop 8.

But using Teh Gaii for political gain is a sword that cuts on both sides, and progressives should understand that one of the reasons the right clings so desperately to Gay Hating is because they know the minute they lose it, the whole landscape changes.

This is why outing is such an important project. Everyone in the queer community has long known the maxim "the loudest homophobes are the biggest queers," but progressive strategists have been far too polite in admitting that. Progressives are told to instead focus on legislative progress like the repeal of DADT or DOMA. And look where that's gotten us.

But if instead those progressives committed to gay rights focused on outing and shaming folk like Long, they would be taking away a powerful tool of the right and literally turn it against them, to great effect. Yes, I understand that many "Christians" will be all about forgiveness (and forgetting) this morning. But those aren't the people I'm trying to reach. Young people, UU type Christians, and politically apathetic but naturally agnostic folks who like all Americans love sex scandals: they are.

Coultergeist herself recently gave it away:

Coulter’s presence at the event was controversial, as other gay activists pointed out that she’d made a series of anti-gay remarks — she called former presidential candidate John Edwards a "faggot" — which she explained away at the top of her speech as humor. “The people who get gay jokes are gays,” she said, adding that when she talks to Christian audience, “Out of sweetness they don’t laugh at the gay jokes.” Coulter’s jokes Tuesday riffed on the theme that GOProud doesn’t make same-sex marriage central to its appeal; it considers, Barron says, national security and the economy more important. Marriage “is not a civil right – you’re not black,” Coulter said to nervous laughter. She went on to note that gays are among the wealthiest demographic groups in the country. “Blacks must be looking at the gays saying, ‘Why can’t we be oppressed like that?’”

Because everything that comes out of mAnn's mouth is a lie, the truth is pretty revealing. It's not "sweetness" that prevents right wing Christians from laughing at her gay slurs, it's fear. Homophobia is the lynchpin by which they maintain power. At the same time, they are well aware that their own leadership and rank and file are infested with closet cases. Outing their queer leaders strikes a fatal blow to not only the project of legislatively enshrined homophobia, but so much more. For without legions of unthinking religious voters motivated by hatred of queers, many of those close races in which a winger is elected by a thin margin would go the other way. Abortion is of course the other lynchpin in Republican GOTV strategy, but unlike abortion, gay isn't something that can be stopped or changed. Once their closeted leadership is exposed, a lot of electoral enthusiasm for the right on the part of "low information" and occasional religious voters dissipates insert tasteless joke about flaccid things here.

The Republicans became dominant in the South by playing on racism. Progressives can gain power in the entire country, by playing on both the moral and intellectual weakness of homophobia, but also through exploiting the distaste for homophobia that is a growing consciousness among the young, moderate and agnostic populations. Better still, the distaste for closeted hypocrites. Mark Foley is a used furniture salesman right now. I relish a similar future for a man who weekly captured the attention of 25,000 people in Atlanta and beyond, and consider it an even bigger victory.

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Submitted by basement angel on

and pointing out that anyone who regards homosexuality as a lifestyle choice is gay. And when they call him out on that and ask how he knows that, he simply replies that he is straight and there is no way that having sex with other men would be a choice that he could make.

One of my gay friends, in a very to the point observation, always points out that he likes having sex with women, he just can't fall in love with them. Cannot and has not ever done it. For him, that's the real difference between men and women.

What strikes me as so sad about these marriages is that one person is tied to someone who has never desired them for even a second. There is no sex until your hair is on fire in these relationships. Just a sad, tawdry, twisted, self-important fantasy.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

people who obsess about gay sex are... people who are probably acting on that obsession. goodness knows i've seen enough proof of that in the gay bars. come to think of it, cheap and tawdry one night stands in gay bars wouldn't happen as often without closet cases, heh.

i'm closer to republican closet cases than i like to admit. it's always been a struggle for me to say to myself, in a sort of opposite way of the example you describe, that i don't enjoy sex with men and pussy alone tastes/smells good to me, in that way that true desire is physical even as it is also mental. i like men! they're silly and amusing. but sex with them, meh. before i came out i became the Supreme Mistress of knowing how to read and pleasure men without asking or difficulty, because i knew that so long as a man is pleasured, he doesn't ask difficult questions about his lover. there are lots of lezzies like me, btw. and i've had enough sex with gay men to know your friend isn't wrong. it's not that a gay man can't get hard for a woman, for all they usually end up turning her over and doing her up the ass in order to come. it's that they don't feel "romantic love" for them. what's notable is the way that lesbians will consent to sex with straight men, fail to romantically love them, but unlike straight women involved with gay men, straight men involved with lesbians fail to notice "something is off here, darnit." i rarely read about men complaining that their somewhat odd wives or female partners seem to prefer the company of other women. i read about complaints from the straight female partners of gay and down-low men all the fucking time. Slaggie of NOM being the princess of that movement, right now.

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... that gayness is about love and not sex. That rather destroys the foundations of an entire structure of today's discourse, doesn't it? But it rings true for me.

Of course, I'd question equating romance with love. At least in its outward form, romance strikes me as another system of bullshit and lies, for all its roots in "courtly love" -- or perhaps because of them.

Submitted by lambert on

Rebranding, perhaps, as Going South?

I think you're on to something here, CD. It would be interesting to have a list of lost opportunities in this arena. I knew the Ds were going to shit in 2006 when Pelosi hushed up the Mark Foley incident immediately after taking control of the House. What they ought to have done was blow the doors off the whole rotten system. But no.

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/not at you, lb/

of course it's "about love" and "not sex." you, me, everyone here, if forced or coerced or bribed, could and would get hard/wet for anything. turtles, republicans, plants... the sex act (or rather, "the many sex acts") are about each individual human condition and its desire to achieve immediate orgasm. i don't know what gets you off, and i don't care. but it may have to do with cheeseburgers and tack for horses and the third republic for all i know. and, i still don't care. but let's all destroy the notion that "gay relationships don't include Real Love, they're only about sex." that's one of the more persistent, and pernicious lies about gay people ever in this history of politics. we're just as obsessed (or not) as you all straights are with long term (governmental, religiously sanctioned, financially limiting, theocraticly informed, heteronormative Ozzie and Harriet unreal) monogamy as any of you straights with 11 red headed products of incest living in a two room trailer are. give us our right to do that same, immediately! /dripping sarcasm emoticon/

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

haw haw, "going south." i lurv it, please propagate away.

later, taters. please, disagree with anything i've posted today. i'll need to the distraction of your comments later. there is no Drama like lesbian drama, and i have to absorb some of that for a few hours just now, sigh. distract me when i come back, i beg you.