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Summer Hamster Top-Up progress report

The Corrente Hamster Kibble Top Up fundraiser is now at 22% -- and thanks to all who have helped out so far. Of course, if Corrente's 50,000 unique visitors a month each paid a dollar, not only would my cunning plan to blog and grow rich finally pan out, I'd share the wealth!* As it is, if only 60 (sixty) people in the entire world will help out with $20 -- or 48 people with $25 -- that will pay me back for the server costs I've already laid out over the last six months.

It really is true that at Corrente you find critical content that you can't find anywhere else: From daily coverage of fracking and other state level actions, through coverage and advocacy of non-violence, to live blogs of Occupations, to an MMT conference, to detailed coverage of economic issues like MMT and unemployment, to the dedicated and patient work of our Plantidotians. But for all that to take place, the platform must be supported; there's no way around it. As my father used to say of housework -- and how we disliked hearing it, and how right he was -- "It doesn't do itself, you know!"

The keen new WePay buttons are at the top right. (If you see the ugly old PayPal buttons, please clear your browser's cache.) And here is a link to the main donation page.

Needless to say, these are hard times. So if a donation would put your own head underwate, don't do it!

NOTE * The site upgrade includes a provision for this, actually.

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