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Suggested naming convention: Bush the less

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Writers use a lot of different ways to differentiate the 2 presidents Bush. I've seen Bush 43/Bush 41, Bush Senior and Bush Junior, HW and W, Bush the older and Bush the younger.

I'd like to borrow some phrasing from the gospel of Mark, where we find two characters named James and James the less.

So I suggest Bush the elder and Bush the less.

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Submitted by ralphbon on

Knee-deep in our illegal terrorist proxy wars in Central America, invading Panama on thin pretext and hiding the civilian toll to install a more obedient puppet regime, hypocrite (at minimum) re Iraq, criminally inarticulate except when compared to his moron son...

I vote for Bush the Reprehensible and Bush the Reprehensibler.

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Submitted by tom allen on

Big Bush and Little Bush.

Oddly, Little Bush served with Big Dick, while Big Bush just protected Quayle.