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Submit the best written response and share a Fenway Frank with Willard Mitt Romney

Now that I'm on Team Mitt as a "loyal supporter," I get letters about the greatness of Our Willard's shoulders, 'n' stuff, like the ectoplasmic sheen he gives off on the teebee. Plus he's got his "entire family," presumably including the very singular OfMitt, working for him:

Dear lambert,

On Sunday, June 24, we’re kicking off “America’s Shilling Calling,” a special event for our critical end-of-quarter fundraising efforts.

Our entire family will be joining in - first, we’re hosting a BBQ at Fenway Park on Sunday night. Then on Monday, we’ll call through our rolodexes for my Dad, Governor Mitt Romney. We defied expectations during the first quarter – stunning political pundits across the country. Now, the pressure is on to have a strong second quarter showing once again.

It would be great if you could join me and our family at “America’s Calling!”

The Fenway Park BBQ is almost full, but we’ve saved some room for a couple of members of Team Mitt who want to show their support before the end of the quarter.

The Team Mitt member who takes the “;Fenway Challenge” and submits the best written response for why they should be chosen to attend the Fenway Park BBQ with me, my Dad and our entire family, will win a chance to join us Sunday, June 24. So please –

Please, please shoot me. Any alert readers out there who want to take the challenge?

* Tell us in 100 words or less why you want to join my Dad and our family at the Fenway Park BBQ

And while you are at it –

* Answer a few “Fun Fenway Facts” trivia questions
* Show your support with a contribution of $100 or more

You have been such a loyal supporter of my Dad’s campaign, and I would love the opportunity to thank you personally. Please show your support with a $100 contribution immediately.

We will stop taking submissions at 11:59 pm EDT this Friday, June 22. Fenway Challenge winners will be contacted on Saturday, June 23 to make travel arrangements to Boston. Round trip travel and one night of hotel accommodations in Boston will be coordinated and provided by the campaign.

I am so grateful for your commitment to my Dad, Mitt Romney, and our entire family. With your support, we continue to defy the odds at every turn. I’m confident that together, we can help my Dad fight to build a stronger economy, stronger military and stronger families.

Thank you so very much,

Matt Romney

P.S. We’re hosting a BBQ at Fenway Park. Do you want to join us? Participate in the Fenway Challenge and help my Dad finish the fundraising quarter in a strong position.

If Roger Angell were in his grave, he'd be turning. And I hope the Fenway groundskeepers are prepared for the trail of viscous slime that Republicans leave wherever they go.

Hey, maybe they can put down the tarp!

Oh, that stupid-looking semicolon in the second Fenway link is there in the original. Can't the Romney campaign hire someone with web skillz that don't suck? Maybe ask Joe Lieberman for to recommend someone?

NOTE Rereading the carefully parsed note, I don't see any mention that Willard Mitt is actually going to be at Fenway; I just assume that because Brother Matt keeps saying "our family," he's including his "Dad." Of course, a Republican would never bait and switch. Right?

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Mormons aren's supposed to party on Sunday. Willard Mitt's bishop better have a few words with this backslider.

Or is IOKIYAR now part of the Mormon creed?