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Stupidest Obama shill on the face of the earth

Amanda Marcotte in Faceborg. I'm responding to Amanda's idea that "I don't think we'd be in a better situation with Clinton as President. I think that's a fantasy."

Notice that Amanda, as we might expect, has no response, as of the time of this post (2011-08-24 9:35AM). Obama can't run on his record. QED.

NOTE In the headline, I was going to say stupidest "feminist" (with quotes) but I mean, come on. We're talking Amanda here.

NOTE If you go to the Faceborg page, you'll notice that I've cropped out comments that weren't relevant to this exchange.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

feels a need to say that Clinton would not have done better is a sign of how popular she remains. And really, how juvenile to immediately insult you personally. That is such a great reelection strategy not.

Submitted by lambert on

... but cowardly not to respond. But then, Amanda is an Obama fan....

The takeaway, however, is that Obama can't run on his record. If he could, Amanda would have had the talking point immediately to hand. They're in more trouble than they think.

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Submitted by Valhalla on

argument...but, but, but the Republicans are so much worse! And since Amanda is a "feminist," she'll focus on the "Look, there's [insert female Republican candidate of the moment]! subtrope. Because nothing proves your cred with the lefty blogger boyz like dissin' on other women.

Submitted by lambert on

but notice the hippie punching!

Because the shorter Amanda -- "....hard work at your career..." -- is "Get a job!" which is a classic right wing trope. Scratch an Obama Fan, sniff a conservative.

Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

"Scratch an Obama fan, sniff a conservative" LOL I am totally stealing that!

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Submitted by okanogen on

1) Record to run on? Uhhh.....
2) "Feel good about yourself" = Bitter cling
3) "Therapy" = delusional, drugged-out retard
4) "hard work at your career" = get a job, hippie
5) "Get in shape" = fat, working class slobs don't do pilates or eat "right", and self-select for failure.

I think I have her dream home.

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Submitted by okanogen on

Is his pole position challenged?

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Submitted by Cujo359 on

I've never understood the appeal of Amanda Marcotte. She writes well, and often amusingly, but she has little in the way of critical thinking skills that I've been able to see.

Submitted by regulararmyfool on

There is no record problem. He has all of the money men throwing cash his way. One TV ad nationwide equals ten thousand blogs.

People do not remember things for two days much less a year. Why the Libyan critics (Lieberman, Graham and McCain) of President Obama's war in Libya, were trying to sell American guns and weapons to the dictator less than two years ago. Now they are patriotic Americans concerned about the length of the war. Totally forgotten are the other two or three wars that are going on.

Letting the crazies try to shut down the government will make a couple of billion dollars magically appear, because the corrupt really don't want the crazies running the place.

Now that is cynical, true, but cynical.

Submitted by dirac on

Nice. But, meh. I feel like Ezra is worse. People like Digby are worse because they pretend they're confederates until they start toeing the D-line. That's more dangerous to me.

Time to move on to figuring out what we can do. Sick of reliving 2008 forever--politically and economically.

Whoever is President acts to keep the system running, the charade going. Sorta like how CEO must maximize profit as part of their institutional role.

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Submitted by Valley Girl on

I gotta say reading the link
was really illuminating.

I am so glad you didn't go with the headline including stupidest "feminist", because that would have triggered outrage from some. Maybe me, even. I mean a little too subtle, ironic, even for the likes of me. I mean, there are certain words that are "flashpoints" and trigger responses at a gut level. It really is an "emotional issue" that feminist thing (heh! classic female putdown- "emotional " *g*, sorry all) for me.

Look, as I learned at my "U", there are plenty of "queen bees" who succeed by sucking up to and imitating and embracing the "way of the male". Uh, no, I don't hate males, btw, nor do I hold them in contempt as a group. Uh, okay, maybe I better stop now! I think I might be digging a hole!

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Submitted by apishapa on

so much you left out that he has completely f*3$%d up in such a short time. You could have gone on and on ansd on. AMANDA got off easy.