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Stupidest career "progressives" on the face of the earth

Ya know, I just read this Charles Pierce post, and it's not even full of shit.

Too bad; and The Boston Steamer once had such promise as a writer. But with Obama supporters, the rot sets in fast.

Pierce (1) attacks a Matt Stoller Naked Capitalism post from way the heck back in June -- so it must really have gotten under Pierce's skin, if indeed Pierce does have skin, instead of a Democratic operative-enabled Imipolex integument; (2) openly admits he won't address the substance of the post; (3) descends to personal invective; and (4) muffs the invective. "Elves"?! Perhaps Pierce could call TBogg and collect some tips on third-rate, stale scatology?

Anyhow, Esquire is paying Pierce for this drivel, and hippie punching is always good for a slot on NPR, so it's all good!

NOTE Click through to Stoller's piece from Pierce's if you want to see what actual analysis, as opposed to lazily written tribal wankery, looks like. The link is right at the top. Quite the contrast.

UPDATE I like the headline -- "Of Course, He's Not Really From Kenya" -- though perhaps an editor wrote it, with its not-so-subtle implication that Stoller is a birther (and by extension, a racist). It's really telling that Obama supporters like Pierce are smearing anybody who doesn't support The Obama IMMEDIATELY. No let up at all. I mean, it's not even the midterms. They must be worried about something. Perhaps the massive and continuing suckitude of Obama's performance in office?

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