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Stupid day

Spent the morning and afternoon trying and failing to find window insulation film kits for fourteen windows; the kits that are big enough for my windows are no longer sold! (62" high seems to be the standard size, but that is too small for this old house!)

Hours and hours and hours and hours because the hardware store within walking distance is now closed, so I took the bus north to the alternative hardware store, which unlike last year did not have the big kits, so I then took the bus and then west to the mall and Home Depot, which did not have the big kits either.

And I hadn't brought my iPad with me because I figured the bus trip would be short. So I couldn't work or study.

And then hours on a useless email thread. Atrios told me: "Post, post, post!"

Yet here I am, not posting. And "winter is coming." Grrr!!!!!!!!

First world problems, I know.

NOTE The only saving grace was that I bought a Scientific American special issue on food to read on the bus, and realized how repulsively corporate it's become. The timeline on food preservation, which equated wine and cheese with Spam, said it all. Oh my gawd it was horrible.

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Submitted by gizzardboy on

I have not looked into it for years, but the hardware stores used to carry a thicker, clear plastic in rolls. You could get some wood slats and make your own window covers in whatever length, bypassing the kits with their super thin plastic. Take them down carefully in the spring and they could last for a number of years. Added advantage: you can see through the windows a lot better.

Submitted by lambert on

I know the kits are cheesy and I hate putting the tape on the painted window frames.

On the other hand, I'm not handy and I want to be blogging and not making window covers.

There's also the issue of how the window covers make a seal. Icky though the tape is, it does create a seal, and that's essential.

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Submitted by goldberry on

Um, why don't you just order them? Presto! Hardware store comes to YOU.
PS. I used to do this chore with my dad every year when we lived in Ballston Spa, NY. He was a fanatic about wasting energy. But I thought they had devised better systems by now.

Submitted by lambert on

And while Home Depot isn't very local, it's more local than Amazon. If there is a better system, it hasn't reached the hardware stores!