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Dammit, I've got to go be in meatspace now, so I can't watch the fireworks. Here's some links for those researching the story. Don't hang any of the traitors until I get back.

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Judiciary Subcommittee Authorizes Chairman Conyers to Issue Subpoenas in US Attorney Investigation

(Washington, DC)- Today, the House Judiciary Commercial and Administrative Law Subcommittee (CAL) voted to authorize the full committee Chairman John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) to issue subpoenas for current and former White House and Justice Department officials Karl Rove, Harriet Miers, William Kelley, Scott Jennings and Kyle Sampson, as well as documents that the Committee has not yet received.

"The White House's offer provides nothing more than conversations. It does not allow this Committee to get the information we need without transcripts or oaths," Conyers said. "This motion allows the Committee to pursue good faith negotiations. We are continuing our talks with the White House, along with the Senate, but we must protect the interest of the Congress and the American people by maintaining the option to move forward with our investigation with or without continued cooperation from the Administration."

"We have worked toward voluntary cooperation, but we have to prepare for the possibilty that the White House will continue to hide the truth," said CAL Subcommittee Chairwoman Linda Sánchez. "This Congress respects White House prerogatives as a safeguard for the internal deliberations on the legitimate creation of policy, but they are not a 'get out of jail free' card. There must be accountability."

The motion authorizes the Chairman to issue subpoenas at his discretion for the officials to appear before the Committee relating to the ongoing investigation. It also authorizes Conyers to subpoena additional documents relating to the issue - specifically, unredacted documents that have not previously been provided.

...clearly, i am not going to get that shower and my guests won't have dinner, but i can't seem to break away from all the spine-tingling action today...