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Stuff I never knew about the magic of the slave marketplace


Jack and Jill politics:

Race is a social construct created to nurture inequalities and exploitation of an Other. Biologically speaking, there is no such thing as race and in fact, we are all human beings above all else. Did you know that some African slaves were imported to America precisely because of their culture's technical knowledge of growing rice and other crops in warm, wet climates? And that the elaborate metal-working of places like New Orleans were imported by slaves highly valued for their technique? Did you know that African slaves imported medicinal knowledge such as the use of white clay (Kaolin) to prevent diarrhea (think about Kaopectate) and cherry tree bark to flavor strong-tasting medicine?

Do you have any idea how many inventions we rely upon daily were provided by poor, stupid African-Americans such as the traffic light, the carbon filament in light bulbs and refrigerated trucking? Did you know the phrase "the real McCoy" is derived from those who wanted the inventions of Elijah McCoy -- black man -- without substitute?
Here's a top ten list of African-American scientists and inventors.

America owes a great debt to this long list of Black scientists and inventors and millions more people intelligent enough to thrive even under slavery and discrimination. This shiznit makes me so mad.

Sure, racism is a problem, but what do you replace it with?

And... "Shiznit"... How does that work, anyhow? Maybe we should be leveraging this semantic invention...

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