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is this one, and for those of you whose delicate sensibilities preclude a visit to DKos, this time you should go read it anyway, because it's not cross-posted anywhere else. Don't let it be the last thing you read at night, though.

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A lot of info and a lot of work to put it together. Hope it gets more attention. One of my big fears is that this nation with the attention span of a gnat simply runs out of energy on torture (btw, are we sure we're not still doing it?).

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I hadn't commented here, for example, because I usually don't unless I actually have something to say.

I'm not saying that explains the lack of comments, either here or there, but it's why I don't take number of comments as a very good measure of how much people are reading and paying attention.

Thanks for posting this, Sarah. I for one would not have seen it otherwise.

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Submitted by Sarah on

I've ever done.

There is NOTHING about this in the M$M, nothing at all. I don't know if we're still doing some of this NOW or not; I'm sure that as late as 1/20/09, yeah, we were -- or if not us, "contractors" working "on our behalf" (in our stead?).

Comments may not be the way to measure its impact or its importance, but the vacuum around it makes me wonder just how human we, as a nation, really are.
That the captain who commanded Abu Ghraib is now a Congressional staffer seems, somehow, very disturbing. But it may explain why Clusterfuck Dick and w the wonderdummy aren't where they belong -- in a prison cell apiece.

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even after 1/20/09, the justice department still exists and could, if given a go ahead by the current group in charge of it (who are they again?) investigate, take it to a grand jury, probably get indictments, and get a trial started.

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Submitted by okanogen on

Nice post there. Excellent even.

But still: Kos. Meh.

Somebody please give that diarist a less polluted outlet to do his/her important work because Kos completely discredited itself. Yes, my delicate sensibilities object to Kos. Sorry about that.

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Submitted by vastleft on

One does try to avoid linking to polluted outlets (note our DCOW warnings on some links), but let's not get too wrapped up around the axle over a link to a quality post on a site where they've become relatively scarce, OK? Ultimately, a worthy post is a worthy post, no matter where the bits happen to be stored.

Had Sarah posted "Here's a post at Kos -- see what a totally awesome site it is," I'd sympathize with your bone to pick. But that's not what she did. She singled out a post good enough to make one swallow one's objections this rare occasion. I certainly reserve the right to do the same.

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Submitted by Sarah on

delicate sensibilities, okanogen. Really. Not.

The work that went into that post is the kind of thing journalists used to earn Pulitzers for, and denying the writer / researcher the recognition that effort deserves because you don't care for the venue where it's posted is puerile juvenility -- and if you want to masquerade your political subgenre of jealousy as conscientious objections, go right ahead, but I refuse to buy it -- and I'm not sorry for offending you at all.