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Stockholm syndrome

[I know this is wrong of me, so wrong, but I've just got to sticky this. --lambert]

Strategy conference: “How To Support Obama to BE the Obama Americans Thought We Elected.” Now, put down your coffee:

Many are suffering from post-traumatic Obama abandonment syndrome — an ailment that came from being severely traumatized by Obama’s political moves in the past thirteen months. A palpable sadness, depression, anger and even despair carried by many who had worked for Obama and now felt betrayed by his choices in his first year in office was mixed with compassion and a strong determination to not allow the political Right to use our despair as their ticket to a political revival. The conference was conceived by Tikkun Magazine and its interfaith Network of Spiritual Progressives (including secular humanists and atheists who consider themselves “spiritual but NOT religious”) as a way to allow people who have been having these feelings privately to both receive the comfort of sharing those feelings with other liberals and progressives, and then to move beyond them to actually face the critical question: “What do we in the liberal and progressive world do now, if we face three, or hopefully seven, years of an Obama presidency?

"Hopefully seven"!?!??!?! Then what's with the despair? Oh, the humanity! Here's my suggestion. Ponder the meaning of these simple words:

"Honey, I've changed!"

What's wrong with these people?

And "we" elected? Whaddaya mean, "we"?

NOTE Link via commenter Ugsome at the Confluence.

UPDATE It goes on!

What happened in Obama’s first year is that most of those who had allowed themselves to hope began to appear to themselves and others as naïve fools, and the humiliation that they experienced will take some years and psychologically or spiritually sophisticated interventions...

"Sophisticated," and above all, billable. The organizers of this travesty are "creative class" types the whole way, aren't they? Say, I wonder if these "interventions" could be funded as a "wellness initiative"?

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Submitted by ralphb on

That is a rare gem. You almost hope they are looking to profit from it. Otherwise they're completely batsh!t insane.

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Submitted by kerril on

The Onion gets better and better over the years doesn't it?

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Submitted by dblhelix on

when they announced the SF conference (announcement no longer online). It was rich ... things like workshops on how to "lovingly" push Obama to be more progressive. Or, from the highlights:

how to support Obama while pushing him to live up to his progressive campaign promises.

Har. Sure. If you want comedy gold, from the comments:

It was a shame that this conference happened on the same week-end as Pantheacon…..a conference of over 2,000 Pagans held annually in San Jose.

Wow, Obama really lucked out -- an assist from the Pagans.

Here's a link to pics from the conference -- our creative class 'betters.

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Submitted by a little night ... on

He's a prime example of people who have one good insight and keep trying to eke more out of it without ever thinking again. Lakoff is another.

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Submitted by quixote on

Is this for real? Or are you just seeing how much we'll believe? This is out of The Onion, right? (I can never tell any more.)

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Submitted by MoveThatBus on

so he is aware of the mentality of those who support him.

Step one: "My name is [insert], and I am an Obamaholic."

Step two: Lean on your support group for help in ridding yourself of the addiction.

This entire approach is really about absolving themselves of any responsibility for their own decision. They thought Obama represented the GOOD they believe will rid the world of all its problems, and it's not their fault they were wrong.

Submitted by lambert on

... he's not aware?

* * *

Actually, I shouldn't be quite so cynical. I think if the entire OFA were as hapless as the attendees of this conference (as distinct from the organizers, who, after all, successfully sold the thing) then Obama would have used them in 2008, instead of abandoning them.

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Submitted by MoveThatBus on

these people were a segment of his target market....they are the ones who fall in behind Oprah when she marches into her own personal Neverland.

Submitted by gmanedit on

"most of those who had allowed themselves to hope began to appear to themselves and others as naïve fools": They appeared to others as naive fools all along.

"the humiliation that they experienced" is a good insight, and accounts for their continuing resistance to acknowledging reality and the indecency unto depravity many of them engaged in. "will take some years" means they're not ready to 'fess up anytime soon. Isn't there a healing step that calls for apologies? (Send apologies to Joe Cannon; he's waiting. We could designate him Apology Central.)

In my experience, "spiritual" means wishful thinking. I ran into these people all the time during the primaries. They were so sure they were well-meaning that they had no compunction about attacking others. My simpatico friend and I had to look around before conversing in public. Kind of scary.

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Submitted by Valhalla on

is urging me to show up at a conf like this and let them all know how much I understand their grieving.


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Submitted by jumpjet on

'spiritually sophisticated interventions.' I'm a cradle Catholic. 'Spiritual interventions' usually mean either confession or an exorcism.

Although one could liken the more rabid Obama supporters to the possessed...

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Submitted by Davidson on

Meanwhile, the actual party in control is really, truly our friend! And no one is more "our" True Friend than Barack Obama!

STFU and GTFO, "progressives." You may love him, but he doesn't give a fuck about you. Why? Because you have sworn allegiance to a false god, instead of actual policies, principles.

These fools will never have a chance of making progress until they realize what they did in 2008. They allowed horrible misogynistic bigotry and mass media disinformation to be deciding factors in a Democratic primary, one that was rigged. They demonized the qualities that they now swear are what we need (e.g., a partisan Democrat, a fighter, a leader) and romanticized qualities that they now lament (e.g., bipartisanship, "theory of change"). Basically, they claimed up was down and black was white and now that reality has backhanded the fuck out of them (and the rest of us), they're scrambling to continue justifying their absurdity. They want nothing more than to save face.

My favorite part about this shitstorm: the "progressive" basis for choosing Obama was...judgment. Judgment! Obama has exposed them as nothing but a house of cards.