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Still under the weather

... and overwhelmed. I've been a bit absent lately partly because documenting the atrocities for the horse race is a grueling task -- although IMNSHO there are few better equipped for it [lambert blushes modestly] -- but also because I've been silently preparing for a site upgrade that I hope will be ready for testing in the not too distant future. This is a huge time commitment, but has to be undertaken:

1. Drupal 6 is entering the twilight of its life. Best to upgrade now, since Drupal 7 has finally become stable.

2. I would like to add additional functionality, especially including a way to integrate twitter feeds in near real time, and archive them. This entails writing actual code. I don't know if I can pull this off, but I have hopes. And it will be very useful this summer.

2(a). Adding, I would also like to make the layout much friendlier to cellphones and tablets (like the iPad), which I understand all the kids are using these days.

3. I would also like to make Corrente's huge back catalog easier to navigate and link to. Joe's post just today on the Fiscal Sustainability conference we initiated two years ago is one example of material that was way ahead of the curve when published. PA Lady's series on fracking was groundbreaking. And on and on and on, including the 2008 primary wars material, a lot of each can only be discovered on this blog, link rot having settled in elsewhere.

4. It's also planting season.

So please bear with me if I am not posting or moderating with my usual fervor. And do consider posting yourself! I am certainly not the only one who has interesting things to say.

NOTE I think documenting the atrocities this year is important, much in the same way that filming the explosion of the Hindenberg or the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows bridge or the space shuttle Columbia disaster would have been important. We are witnessing unprecedented stress on a structure not designed to bear that stress. We do not know when the spark or the final resonance or the flying piece of foam insulation will come, but come it will.

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