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Still with the stupid security tricks? Ordering Air France jet away from US airspace due to unobsequious journalist on board?

An Air France flight from Paris to Mexico had to detour to Martinique on Saturday, April 18, in order to avoid US air space. It was ordered to not fly over part of the US, apparently because a Colombian born Le Monde Diplomatique journalist who has written critically of the US actions is on the terrorist watch list -- and mustn't be in the skies over the US.

I did have hope Obama would bring more rational decision making to the Department of Homeland Security. But, since he hasn't mentioned changing the name itself, which is still metaphorically chalk-on-blackboard (giving away my age) cringe inducing, I guess he doesn't see this kind of action as counterproductive.

A commenter found this link for the first-person report of journalist Hernando Calvo Ospina's questioning.

At his press conference tonight, Obama explained that his DOJ was using Bush administration legal arguments over executive secrecy tactics due to not having enough time to review and refthink what executive secrecy ought to cover. Maybe they just haven't had time to look at the Stupid Security Tricks yet....

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