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Still playing that racist card

The [cough] Progressive. They can't help themselves, can they?

I admit it! Please stop! I'm a racist! I'll leave the party like you want me to, I swear!

Just stop it! Please stop!

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

a) you are an evil, baby-eating, kitten stomping racist and we all know that. so just accept that.

b) i actually don't take issue with the analysis in the link. now that it's official and obama is the one, well...haven't i been saying it? perhaps not so much here, but of course the soft racists and others will be making their 'discomfort' with him more clear, and that is showing up in the polls. just like some of us have been predicting.

c) i'm sorry the progressive doesn't want to offer a significant critique of him in this article, but was that the goal of the author? or was the point about why soft racists won't vote for a [biracial] "black" man? they are in fact two different, separate issues, and there's nothing wrong with writing about one, but not the other.

d) irony is so dead. b/c after all, how funny is it that soft racists are so skeered of this guy, when he's doing all he can to prove that he's absolutely nothing like 'radical' spooky "black" people like me?

...anyway, not everyone is going to want, or need, to properly critique the politician and man that is obama, all the time. sometimes one can speak/write of him and the phenom behind him, but have a different focus in the main.

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Submitted by badger on

Suppose there's only two choices - the Obama campaign sucks, or soft racism. Which one is fixable? Or isn't it the same fix - fix the campaign - because that's a lot easier than wiping out soft bigotry in the next two months. For example, assuage people's concerns about what you'll do by presenting a program that actually deals with their problems in ways that appeal to them.

(It would also seem to suggest you might want to persuade those Dems who are not soft racists and at the moment not Obama supporters to vote for you)

If the article linked were simply "analysis", I wouldn't care too much - take it or leave it. But the context is the author's on-going angst about how to elect Obama, and he might then want to write about that, rather than digging up quotes from people he thinks are racists just to satisfy his own prejudices.

I come away from the article feeling he'd rather see his prophecy fulfilled.

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Submitted by Damon on

If even we are to concede that Obama's race locks of more voters from him than say the same voters that wouldn't vote for a Catholic (Kennedy, Kerry), start concentrating on things you can control.

If Obama believes that his candidacy is worth it; if he believes like crazy that only he can bring the change we need, he needs to be doing everything within his power to overcome his built-in obstacles. He claims that his whole life has been an exercize in creative problem-solving given his built-in obstacles. He claims that we're a better country than we believe we are; he believes in us. Yet, every step he's actually taken has been one of ultra-cynicism when it comes to the issues of race.

Really, I wonder how much more fuel this can provide to this movement, but I bet he's going to try and squeeze every last drop out of this that he can and then throw away the rotted corpse.

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Submitted by herb the verb on


Several downtown Denver denizens (phun phrase!) were interviewed. All of them -- whether supporters or not -- wanted Obama to stop talking about some nebulous "change" and start talking about what he intends to do.

As long as it is one long, entangled string of WORMS, I concur! You go to the election with the candidates you have, not the candidates you wish you had or might like to have at a different time.

Isn't that how that goes?


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