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Stiglitz sets the table for a "tax fight" for the 2016 election

(My views on a "tax fight" here.) Stiglitz writes a disappointing and analytically flaccid article for Politico here. You can read it for yourself, and decide whether the political purpose is as I think it is; here, I'm going to confine myself to listing the sloppy phrases Stiglitiz uses; sloppy despite -- or rather, because -- they have currency among the career "progressives" in the political class.

  • "the problem of inequality"
  • "the top 1 percent"
  • "the American dream"
  • "credit, the lifeblood of the economy"
  • "by the 1 percent, by the bankers"
  • "a vibrant middle class"

None of these phrases are serious. Stiglitz also seems to believe that capital is a thing, not a social relation, and that "capital" and "the rich" are different categories. But "Soylent Green is people."

Very disappointing pablum. This won't end well.


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carbon tax for the rest of us plebes!

He was out in May and this month with his "faux populism" tax reform (apparently, he's recently written a White Paper on his remedy).

I'm ready to fight the Dems 'tooth and nail' on this stunt, masquerading as a tax policy!

We have had to stay in a secondary residence to be close to a particular medical center for just over two years, now.

And it is a state with (I'm pretty sure) the highest sales tax in the nation, with practically no exclusions, like clothing or food. I'm thinking that their are a couple of VERY narrow ones, but not sure what they are.

The rate is 9.75%. Only a few locales in the US have this sales tax rate.

Anyhoo, Stiglitz's call, at a time that Democrats are looking to raise the gasoline tax [18 cents per gallon?], for both a carbon tax AND A VA TAX (starting at 5%, IIRC) does NOT go over big with us--an understatement.

I'm still trying to figure out "why" Democrats are looking to him as one of their chief shills. Any enlightenment on this matter, would be much appreciated.

Oh, one last thing, Wyden says he's looking at a 15-month "window" to complete his giveaway to the wealthy and corporations. He can take his "loophole closing" and stick it!

Naturally, Wyden is trying to finish this "reaming" BEFORE the 2016 election starts in earnest.

Looks like we are definitely on track to have a "Grand Bargain" before PBO leaves the White House.


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