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Stifle yourself, Barry

From the Big O's statement pardoning the national turkey*:

So in America, we come together when times are hard. We don’t give up. We don’t complain. And we don’t turn our backs on one another. Instead, we look out for another and we pitch in and we give what we can. And in the process, we reveal to the world what we love so much about this country. That’s who we are. And that’s who Thanksgiving reminds us to be.

What a tendentious self-serving crapfest, quelle surprise. If the elite were "looking out" for us, they'd at least have extended unemployment for the two million who are going to lose it soon. They haven't.

Read this from McClatchy; the poor bastard did everything right, and got fucked when the banksters crashed the economy and looted the ruins, and Barry, the Ds, and the Rs bailed them out, and didn't do squat for people who, ya know, actually do stuff like write code or do science or treat patients or design machine tools and on and on and on. Yay!

NOTE The article is interesting because it shows how the banksters fucking the housing market and jobs together mean that it's extra hard for DISemployment figures to recover. It used to be that if there wasn't work in your state, you could sell your house and move. But now you can't sell your house, so you can't move, so you can't go where the jobs, if any, are.

NOTE * No, that's not a circular reference

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Submitted by Valhalla on

on Maslow's hierarchy again, rather than the kind we could have used, on housing. (sorry to be self-referential there, but have been thinking about this a lot lately).

You know, if Versailles was trying to distract the electorate through bread and circuses, that would be bad, but at least there'd be a chance at some food and some entertainment. A spoonful of sugar to help the toxic waste go down.

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Submitted by vastleft on

The right has carte blanche to complain endlessly and hysterically... and yet remains the eternal object of his and the Beltway's "bipartisan" desire.

The left is "retarded" and should be drug tested if it dares to complain, merits of the complaints be damned.

Submitted by lambert on

What's wrong with you? Complainer!

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

This is the kind of foolishness that was in that stupid speech of his at the 2004 convention. We have gay uncles and aunts in blue states and red states. We don't complain and we all look out for each other. Horse patuddies. There are Two Americas like John Edwards said and the game is rigged. And it is clear from Katrina up to this shameful throwing of American workers into the volcano that nobody in Washington gives a rat's behind about millions of Americans. We are resources. We are no longer citizens, but mere commodities to be dumped without a thought.

I grow weary. I'm boring myself.

Submitted by SophieCT on

Indeed. The chicken grower segment in the movie Food, Inc. was particularly disturbing to me (apart from the abhorrent method of raising chickens) because it was clear that the chicken "farmers" were themselves the commodity crop of the commercial interests.

This is not limited to chicken raising. You can see examples of this commoditization of humans across the spectrum.