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Steve Israel is throwing the 2014 House election, national edition

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Howie is doing an incredible public service by documenting, in real time, all the ways Steve Israel is throwing the 2014 election. It is the most under reported political story of the year. Politico won't report it, neither will Charlie Cook or Nate Silver, nor will Salon, National Memo, or anyone else. In today's edititon: How Steve Israel killed red to blue

Israel has been tricking grassroots Democratic donors into sending money to the grotesquely corrupt DCCC in the hope that it would somehow prevent the GOP from impeaching President Obama. Pretty disgusting tactic to use against low-info but sincere Democrats who don't know what a scumbag Israel is! Instead of helping with impeachment, the money is being wasted on the horrible Red to Blue candidates with no chance to win. Tell me which of these districts is as good a bet as the districts Israel is aggressively ignoring up top:
• NE-02- Brad Ashford (R+4)
• MI-01- Jerry Cannon (R+5)
• IN-02- Joe Bock (R+6)
• MT-AL- John Lewis (R+7)
• AR-02- Patrick Henry Hays (R+8)
• OH-06- Jennifer Garrison (R+8)
• KY-06- Elisabeth Jensen (R+9)
• ND-AL- George Sinner (R+10)
• WV-02- Nick Casey (R+11)
• AR-01- Jackie McPherson (R+14)
• WV-01- Glen Gainer (R+14)
• AR-04- James Lee Witt (R+15)
And these are basically a bunch of garden variety conservatives with not an ounce of courageousness between them. It's a stretch to even call most of these candidates "Democrats." Many are anti-Choice, pro-NRA and anti-LGBT and the whole bunch of them are corporate shills who would be-- were they to win (none of them will)-- on the wrong side of the battle lines between the 1% and normal American families.

Remember this when the Democrats faile to reclaim the House this November, remember they lost because Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, and Steve Israel never had any intention of winning.

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Submitted by nippersdad on

I read in HuffPo today that Pelosi is "daring" Boehner to take impeachment off of the table; telling him that empowering his far right base is going to do him no favors and bragging about how she did it to the consternation of liberals in her own Party.

That the leadership is throwing the game has not been news since at least '06, when they did an about face on all of the promises that gave them the majority in the House. They must have really enjoyed meeting in the basement. Doesn't make this news any less disappointing, though.