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Steve Blyth, fighting for healthcare in Florida's 15th

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Booman alerts us to a primary that is coming up on Aug. 26. Florida 15th is having an open race. We have a genuine liberal running, Steve Blythe on healthcare:

Over 47 million Americans - including 9 million children - are without health insurance. These Americans live every day in terror. Not from al Qaeda but from the fear of an illness or injury that would put them into bankruptcy. The Institute of Medicine estimates that 18,000 Americans die each year as a direct result of not having insurance. That is six "9/11's" every year! Where is our outrage? Medicines are now outrageously expensive - a child with diabetes may need $500 worth of medicines and supplies every month - and that's not counting doctor visits! Those who need transplants but are without insurance are told to go home and die. This is not right. No child should go without needed care in our country, and no father should be given a death sentence because they don't have insurance. The United States and South Africa are the only industrialized nations that do not guarantee that all their citizens have access to health care. It is time that we accept that no American should go without health care. We need to adopt a national health care system - a "Medicare for All" type of program. Excellent information can be found at the web site of Physicians for a National Health Program. A very good "Frontline" program comparing the health programs of various nations can be watched online. Listen to a ten-minute talk Steve recently gave on the need for a national health plan.

He has been endorsed by the Vero Beach Press Journal. Do we have any Floridians in the Mighty Corrente Building?

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*jumps up and down* i'm a floridian!

that's almost all the way at the other end of the state from me, though. all the same, we are getting some more people running as democrats, and as liberal ones too.

i ws originally going to re-register as independent right after the jan 29 primary, but first, stuff got in the way, and later, it looked like maybe some local races were going to field enough democrats to have primaries, wow! [we vote on them aug 26], so i'm staying a registered democrat till after the convention. depending on what happens there, i'll decide then whether to stay a democrat or not.

i hate not being able voice my opinion [read: vote] on anything [we're a closed-primary state], but there's no point in letting them use me to bolster their numbers if they throw away everything that's important to me.