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Stephanie Tubbs-Jones

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[UPDATE Initial reports were wrong. Tubbs-Jones is in critical condition. --lambert]

[UPDATE 7:22PM EDT Breaking on CNN: She's gone. What a damn shame. --lambert]

Via Atrios we learn that Cleveland, OH - Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs- Jones has reportedly had a massive aneurysm and remains on life support Wednesday morning at Huron Road Hospital.

This is doubly sad because Tubbs Jones is a supporter of Medicare for All.

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I saw her speak and she was fantastic. So energetic. She bragged about how many young women she had working in her office and urged others to mentor young women as well. Very sad news. Here's hoping her positive energy helps her recover from something that sounds very, very serious.

I'll share the story Ellen Malcolm told when she introduced Ms. Tubbs-Jones, that when she was campaigning for Hillary with the Congresswoman they would go into all of these little stores in various neighborhoods and Tubbs-Jones not only loved talking to all the people, she would buy something in every store because she always liked the owner and whatever he/she was selling.

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Here's the video that I shot from that event. I watch it any time that I need to be motivated. She was so amazing that night. I wish her a quick and full recovery.

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The hospital is expected to make a statement this afternoon. My thoughts are with her family and friends.

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She is a woman of principle and courage. We had a few online fundraisers for her. I wish we had done more. She deserves better treatment than she's gotten lately.
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Having a "massive anuerysm" (the phrasing is from the story) is no big deal, just poor syntax. I have an aneurysm, hoepfully not massive yet. Having an aneurysm rupture is usually fatal or worse, and that's probably what happened here. And small aneurysms rupturing are just as lethal - size doesn't matter much when they rupture.

If anybody's interested, I can post more.

My sympathies go out to Tubbs-Jones and her family.

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It's a sad day indeed.

“When someone engages in divisive behavior, any resulting division is their responsibility” - Melissa McEwan

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Just tragic. For her family and the people who knew and loved her, but also for us.

Jeralyn posted a link to a 2007 profile of her, which was a good reminder that she was seen as being on the verge of taking off. After seeing her speak, I thought she could do great things nationally if she wanted to.

It was also a reminder that she was seen as highly partisan and was one of the Democrats who did challenge the 2004 vote. In other words, she tried to fight the good fight.

She will be missed.

UPDATE - Looks like I spoke to soon about missing her. Here's hoping.

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i don't know whether to hope she survives or not...

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My sympathies to her family and friends

“When someone engages in divisive behavior, any resulting division is their responsibility” - Melissa McEwan

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she was great--we need more like her.

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Submitted by Damon on

I heard this news later yesterday, and it felt like a punch in the gut. She was one of Ohio's liberal giants, a front-lines Dem, and a tireless Hillary surrogate, to boot. What an incredible loss for her family, the state of Ohio, and American Democracy.

On a personal note, watching her keep such an up-beat persona during the primaries made me smile from ear-to-ear when Hillary was getting smeared left and right. One of my more recent memories of her was watching her spar with Chris Matthews and an Obama supporter (Columbus mayor Coleman) on Hardball and joking, laughing, smiling all the while making good points. There is something to take from that, I believe.

Irreplaceable and One-of-a-Kind. Rest in peace, Stephanie. Live and love, all, because life's too damned short.