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Today, according to the New York Times, a Presidential pen stroke rendered an executive order rescinded.

This was a Gonzales writeup and GWB signature, and what it did was prevent the disinfecting power of sunlight from being used on not just Bush II's first term, but both terms of the William Jefferson Clinton Presidency as well as BushI's and Reagan's records. Good riddance.

The new order still reserves some records from immediate disclosure, but that might not be pure evil.

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Now if he continues this way, I might start to feel some hope.

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Bush's executive order essentially ignored the Presidential Records Act. Does anyone think he and Alberto Gonzales would've complied with a new law assuming Congress had had the cajones to challenge him by passing it?

If Bush and/or Cheney violated the PRA and took took a bunch of stuff with them (the PRA specifically made POTUS and VP records publicly owned documents so they aren't Bush and Cheney's to take) do you think there will be any consequences? Laws are irrelevant if they aren't enforced.

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when I tug?

Already spoken to him, dunno how many times; begged, pleaded, whined, complained, moaned and groaned, for a law to reverse that Bush order. His response was always that he probably couldn't get the votes and if there were enough to pass then Bush would veto and there certainly weren't enough to override.

All true at the time.

Things have changed.

I sent off a to-do list to him, Pelosi, Boxer, DiFi and Reid yesterday, FWIW, including setting into law public access to every scrap of executive office information not classified for national security. It is, after all, the people's business and we ought to be able to know how it is being conducted. We'll see.

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snapping and foaming at the mouth because the Dems won in November (except, inexplicably, his seat and one Texas Senate spot for Rick Noriega instead of John (Big Doofus) Cornyn. Grr.)