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Step 1: "We admitted we were powerless over insurance companies, that health reform had become unmanageable"

Superb step-by-step from Ellen of the Tenth on how the Dems sent health care reform down the crapper. Go read.

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Tenth, the Senate adds the opt-out. We're supposed to be happy because they were really going to add an opt-in. My feeling on this is that they did it on purpose. It would make health care reform a wedge issue in every state. Democrats probably believe it's a wedge issue they can win as opposed to all of the other wedge issues on which they lose. The Senate also decides to tax high-coverage insurance plans know as "cadillac plans" to pay for the subsidies that go along with the mandates. Progressive pundits and most bloggers forget to mention that cadillac plans are not just for the wealthy. They're the plans required under union contracts. Workers gave up wages for these insurance plans. Pillar count = -3, but that doesn't stop HCAN from running that radio commercial that touts the "strong public option" as late as today.

We have a winner.

But surely, the Dems wouldn't be so callous that they would deliberately load desperately needed health care reform with wedge issues (cough! Abortion) to further their fundraising and [booga booga scary Republicans!] create "winnable" contests for future elections! Surely they would never do something that cynical and unprincipled!

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I grabbed that exact same paragraph for a post I'm knocking together. I also bolded those exact same sentences.

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Not only is it a wedge issue, it's a wedge issue for a health care plan that doesn't work!

I never understood why the access bloggers would never advocate or whip for single payer in the states; it seemed a reasonable enough compromise. Now I know: Their masters didn't want them to. This was part of the end game all along. Also, as the commenter points out (re: abortion) -- There are more funding opportunities in continued failure and in one-time success. So there's that.

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Based on the post:

"Dems built the FAILboat for Public Option....."

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I was reading how the stimulus bill had provided $25B for just nine months of subsidy for COBRA payments. This kept 6 million unemployed from being counted as uninsured.

As an uninsured, self-unemployed person, I invite all those bit by the COBRA to recognize that those rates (non-subsidized and in no protective pool) reflect the ordinary for the approximately 45 million uninsured who are unprotected by a union or big business.

The average COBRA payment for a family plan was about $400 with the government subsidy amounting to about another $800. To borrow a medical phrase, it only treats symptoms, and only passes the costs to the taxpayer. The subsidy isn't really for the unemployed person- most who can't afford even to pay the one third - but for the insurance companies who otherwise have lost 6 million customers.