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Steering into the skid...

Readers, I've written about the creepy "skidding" feeling before, and it's really bugging me. So I think I'm going to re-allocate my time a bit:

Rather than posting yet another Annals of Career "Progressive" Idiocy or Krugman takedown -- necessary and above all fun though such posts may be -- I think I'm going to start concentrating on events in Europe, as they scroll by on the twitter feed. With Yves, I'm thinking active opposition is under-reported, and I think we can learn from what's going on there. Plus, if anybody else is doing this, I've missed it.

So, instead of my reactive and more or less scattershot posting 24/7, I'm going to refocus on European events in the morning, and try to get back in the game with the Arab revolts as well. The banksters are the same everywhere, of course, so if it's not the same story, it is the same multi-part series...

UPDATE And of course, gardening.

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Submitted by lizpolaris on

with the WTF posts? Such as this one:

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D.-Fla.), chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, denounced Republicans last week for believing illegal immigration “should in fact be a crime.”

Um, it is a crime. And if Democrats can't even address the issue without recognizing the problem, they aren't going to propose rational solutions. It's ostrich head-in-sand politicking again. Such numbskullery is too good to pass up.

Submitted by lambert on

I'm just saying how I plan to allocate my time; not presuming to allocate yours (though I do express a hope ;-) However, I do think everything will weave back together and not in too great a span of time, either.

NOTE Agreed on your point. We can't be "rule of law" on the one hand and "illegal immigration" on the other. If there's a larger unity to be sought under the aspect of justice, then we need to do that....

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... but I'm betting that the pot boils over there first, if only because, with the Greek brouhaha, the powers that be seem to have turned up that particular burner (no doubt to have the Greek narrative to apply here as an object lesson). But we're ultimately all on the same stove, I think. We have Greens, independents, and every kind of curmudgeon here, so they are all free to cover what they feel needs to be covered. I don't write about the recall efforts in WI, for example, because I think I've said all I have to say about the Ds. And the Rs, and the progressives, and our famously free press. I'm tired of being played, as someone commented here recently, and I've repeated myself often enough. Of course, I may need to take a detour to Thailand, if the elections there go sour, and there's a lot of ways they could do that. Maybe the same thing happened to Sean Paul over at the Agonist, when he took to the road...

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some of the state-level dem parties do seem to be entirely separate animals from the natl party, so i'm holding out hope for them. i'd love to see the democratic wing of the democratic party take their party back, send the blue dogs back to the republican party, and have the tea partiers have to slink off and form their own fringe-of-the-fringe party.

and i'd like to see more independents a la bernie sanders and fewer joe liebermans.

but i'm less interested in the parties of wisconsin and more fascinated [and heartened] by the huge citizen turnouts. it'll be interesting to see if trumka and the unions team up to spread the dfl party or something like it, for instance.

Submitted by lambert on

I also need to develop my live blogging chops....

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Steering into the skid is also how you drive in a 4-wheel drift. Important to note you are still turning, the direction of travel is changing, unpredictably though, and with no firm feeling in your gut of how it is actually happening....

Here are the lyrics to this song :

Rats and Monkeys
Crowd the city as
It crumbles into ruin

Walls are crumbling
True, but gates are blocked!