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Stealing New Orleans

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A riot broke out inside and outside the New Orleans city hall today -- NOLa residents locked outside city hall's handcuffed-shut gates, while real estate speculators within the meeting got to drone on about their redevelopment schemes for the land where public housing, damaged but repairable, now sits awaiting a council vote on demolition or renovation.
Federal "inaction" on NOLa relief is

all of a piece with the rest of the Bush junta's behavior.
They have no interest in governing.
They have no interest in government serving people.
They have every interest in government lining their pockets, and those of their cronies.
The City of New Orleans isn't dying of neglect; it's a treasure waiting Republican piracy's denouement, at the hands of land speculators.
Odd how similar "speculator" is to "peculator," isn't it?
GOP government thrives on stealing from the governed.
Gobbling Omnivorous Peculators, indeed.

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