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Stay classy, Trinity UCC

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I do not understand why it's so hard for men to understand that white women do not have the same privilege as white men. They have some privilege by virtue of their race, certainly more than women of color, but the idea that any woman would think the Presidency was just hers for the taking shows how steeped in male privilege these guys are. As if anything has ever been a woman's just for the taking. Even in societies where there is only one race, women still get treated like shit. Some things are universal.

Yeah, Obama is just going to sweep up those women voters. They'll come around. No problem.

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when he was kicking that FOX reporters ass.

This is going to hurt Obama if he makes it to the general (I wonder what the superdelegates will make of this). The GOP 527s are going to have a field day with the stuff they're getting from TUCC. And it doesn't help that Obama has not only donated tens of thousands of his own dollars to TUCC, but has also set aside earmarks for them.

Apparently Father Pfegler's endorsement of Obama has recently been removed from his website, but here's a screen capture of it (h/t to Larry Johnson at I'm sure it's just a coincidence that it was removed. Or maybe they just realized he compared Obama to Robert F. Kennedy (revealing his secret desire to have Obama assassinated!)

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and how, in an update, he has been "scrubbed" from Obama's campaign page and in the latest update, he has apologized:

"I regret the words I chose on Sunday. These words are inconsistent with Senator Obama's life and message, and I am deeply sorry if they offended Senator Clinton or anyone else who saw them."

Uh, thanks for that Father. You were apologizing to me as I was deeply offended by your ridiculous tirade!

Edited for link:

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... he was speaking @ Trinity:

"Priest and Obama Ally Mocks Clinton's Tears from Obama's Church's Pulpit"

"A new Youtube video making the rounds shows Pfleger speaking at Obama's church, Trinity United Church of Christ, just last Sunday, mocking Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, for having cried in New Hampshire, suggesting that she wept because she thought as a white person and wife of a former president she was entitled to the presidency."

The transcript is there, too.

Thanks to darrow, above, for the link.

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on this issue, at least, i am now un-confused.

but there may be others.

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aren't the rightwing religious asses evil enough? we need more?

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I just spoke to God today and She advised me that She has arranged a special place in Hell for all these Holy Men: priests, ministers, mullahs, shamans, rabbis, prophets, and the like who continue to preach such garbage in Her name.

She said it is decorated in plaid and that an endless loop of Bush speeches and Michael Bolton songs will be played 24/7.

Kind of nice to know.

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That Father Pfleger, who has taken a vow of obedience, has said publicly that if the Archdiocese ever tries to move him to another parish, he will leave the church and start his own religion.

Somehow, that doesn't surprise me. He's quite fond of himself, you can tell.

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In the Baptist church they have a tradition they call "multiplying by dividing".

Pfleger wouldn't have to start his own religion, just his own church. As for being fond of himself, can you imagine a self-hating, timid preacher? I can, but I don't know who'd go to his church.

Bruce Dixon

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I don't know about self-hating, but one conventionally sees the timid vicar in British TV and movies.

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The gift that keeps giving...... our country to John McCain.

That evil Hillary, why does she keep taping this church and posting it on YouTube?


Good night and good riddance!