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Stay Classy, MSNBC

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Melissa McEwan posts her Hillary Sexism Watch: Part 83, starring the Frat Boys of MSNBC.

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but more generally nasty--on one of the shows there last night or the night before, they were talking unity ticket nonsense, and someone said, "Obama would need a food tester if he was above her on the ticket" and they all laughed ...

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Submitted by Aeryl on

that was Eugene Robinson. And while it is a nasty unfounded attack, I don't know if it qualifies as sexist.

Bill Clinton for First Dude!!!

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that she's a Leona Helmsley/Alexis Carrington evil b*tch, and that she'll do anything to win (which is bad for her but not for male politicians), and that it's ok to make murder jokes about her--like other notorious women only. and it's like the castrating cracks they've made but even worse.

Men don't get that treatment. Even DeLay/Gingrich/Rove/etc never did.

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in I, Claudius.

Thought to favor poison to remove obstacles to her ambition for her sons. iirc

Which would fit Robinson's wording. Poison was not used solely by women, but it might be considered the woman's weapon of choice.

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it ends up complimenting him at the same time it trashes her.

Poison is Wicked Witches and Evil Stepmothers, Lucrezia Borgia, wives of Emperors, etc---it's always women when it's poison.

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but this was back in March--

"... Matthews asked: "Dare we repeat what Tina Fey said was the new black?" Olbermann responded: "There's another word that begins with the same letter as "black" does. Let's distance ourselves -- especially you. Distance yourself as far as you can from that." Matthews said, "No, anyone I think would be fair, from that regard." ..."

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What if we turned Olbermann's toupee into a merkin for him to wear at Obama rallies?

Specifying that a male go into the bathroom with Hillary and only the male emerges. Was threatening, and what is expected of Olbermann probably, it doesn't make it right. Any more than allowing porn in office cubicles, or rape movies to be played nightly after work.
It was a direct threat not only to Hillary but to any woman that does not know her place.
Since this race began, I have noticed men to be more aggressive and intimidating. What they say openly now is not what they would have said a year ago openly.
Hillary may never have been called a "nigger" as Rev Wright likes to screech from his tax-free pulpit, but she has had to deal with a lot worse. The patronizing of white male establishment, the patronizing of the white female establishment, the patronizing of the hispanic male establishment, the patronizing of the black male establishment, the patronizing of the black female establishment. Who is left, the stragglers, the voices, yesterdays foot soldiers that fought hard and long for freedoms regardless of race or gender. Now we are reversing the clock. As evidenced by the half-starved women staring back at us from the TV with vacuous eyes, the leering men who interrupt and don't allow them to speak as they are trying to deliver commentary.
IF there is reincarnation may Rev Wright be reincarnated as a white woman, and when he hits 40 let him know what TRUE intimidation is all about.

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