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SAT Test Analogy Questions

1.) FDL : Riverdaughter ::
(A) dog : doghouse
(B) tree : tree
(C) beaver : dam
(D) cat : litter box
(E) book : library

Coincidence? You be the judge.

One, maybe. Two, w-e-e-l-l... But three?

NOTE Hat tip once again to okagen, who reads Booman so we don't have to! More classy Booman goodness here! Today was a two-fer!

UPDATE With typical analytical rigor and stylistic flair, Booman responds by calling me a "dipshit." Reminds me of an exchange from Othello:

BRABANTIO: Thou art a villain.

IAGO: You are—a senator.


BRABANTIO: Thou art a dipshit.

IAGO: You are—a "progressive."

Seriously, which is the worst insult?

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Submitted by cwaltz on

The mom in me insisted that the juvenile behavior being displayed in the tone of that thread be responded to.

I must not be the only one either. Someone said book to library and another one pointed out that Riverdaughter is blog owner of the Confluence whose mission statement is to come together and chose that one.

lot's of juvenile ha has though too.

Evidently the state our country is in and the fact people are upset about it is a laughing matter.

Submitted by Anne on

campaign – New Year’s resolution? – to be a “good” Democrat, which confirms for me that misogyny is an embedded feature of this “new” Democratic party. Would that he could explain how this is the "right" kind of progressive.

And people wonder why we’re fed up…

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Submitted by okanogen on

That would be four. Anyway, when did a cat live in a litter box or call it home? Sorry, this SAT test is FAIL because there are two analogies that don't fit!

I'm tellin' ya, this Booman guy's subconscious is like a freak show theme park of the damned. It's all floppy shoes, spinning bow ties and squirting flowers inside there!

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Submitted by Bryan on

before you even consider the misogyny of the "answers".

FDL is a "mall blog", i.e. multiple group blogs or a collective inanimate object, while Riverdaughter is an individual animate object.

A. individual animate object : individual inanimate object
B. individual inanimate object : individual inanimate object
C. individual animate object : individual inanimate object
D. individual animate object : individual inanimate object
E. individual inanimate object : collective inanimate object

When you can't even frame your slurs in logical order, you demonstrate the kindergarten recess nature of your writing and your inability to make a cogent argument.

The Miller Analogies Test is a fun way of wasting a half hour, and gives you a firm basis for constructing analogies of this type. The score, if it is good enough can give you admission to grad school, Mensa, etc.

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Submitted by Valhalla on

RD has a variety of front-pagers posting, so TC isn't exactly an indiviual inanimate object. But your point is well-taken anyway.

Aside from that, what Anne said.

What a phenomenal asshat. (Booman that is).

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Submitted by Bryan on

Riverdaughter as an individual, and the blog to be The Confluence, where others also post. She may well be the founder of the blog, but posts as an individual.

I read her in the comments of other blogs well before I backtracked to her blog.

In the same way that Jane Hamsher is an individual, while the Pyro Poodle Puddle is the group blog she founded with Christy.

Perhaps Booman doesn't make the distinction, but I definitely do.

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Submitted by madamab on

You know the poor guy gets down, periodically, and that's when his claws come out.