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The only progressives who get on teevee and radio are bombthrowers who attack the president (and blacks that got confused and became Republican shills). You never see supportive progressive bloggers on television or radio. Never. That's because controversy drives ratings. You see moderate elected Democrats on television because they disagree with the party and the president. The same phenomenon makes Jane Hamsher a starlet of cable news while anyone who defends the president is about as exciting as a WHAM! reunion.

Well, come on, let's be fair. I mean, it's obvious why they got confused, right?

Because they didn't have party line "progressive" access bloggers like Booman to explain things to them!

NOTE Hat tip, okanagen.

UPDATE Even better classy Booman goodness here!

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Submitted by lambert on

I don't think you missed a lede, I think you wanted to write the post that you did. It's all good! (And I was multi-tasking, so I forgot to give you a hat tip, which I just did.)

And I thought the quote was so remarkable it deserved a separate post. I mean, if anybody other than a "progressive" access blogger and Obama supporter had said it, I would have had to consider very carefully whether it was racist....

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Submitted by okanogen on

I didn't really know how to do it justice in a post!

I don't know, is the stress getting to him? That old embattled feeling? It's not just for the C-list anymore, apparently! I forsee more Dem on Dem violence, it's out there Jerry, and I'm lovin' every minute of it!

I mean, as you say, ha ha! It's only serious...... And when I say "serious", I mean it as in I'm still pissed off that a friend of mine died of a heart attack last month at a very young age because he was not insured (as he was a self-employed freelance photographer)* and didn't have his diabetes diagnosed until his heart was completely destroyed. Thanks for fixing that health (non)-care system that killed my friend fucking Democrats! Thanks for fucking nothing!

*and yes, it's a true story, and yes, that would make him "creative-class", or as he would likely have preferred "working class".

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Submitted by vastleft on

BooMan is pure class, ain't he?

I hold no brief for Ms. Hamsher, but I never considered belittling her with sexist pejoratives. The things we can learn from our betters!

Submitted by lambert on

... which is the term I use for Hamsher, is more accurate biographically, encapsulates an analytical tool, and isn't sexist.

I guess I know why Booman is where he is, and I'm where I am!

NOTE Anybody else remember Spy?

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Submitted by okanogen on

You could spend all day long going through there to describe the stupid (actually, it's all stupid, so no distillation required). But that only makes it a typical Booman post.

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Submitted by S Brennan on

It really does look like Booman wants to corner the market.

When you make statements like this:

"...and blacks that got confused and became Republican shills. " - Booman

About liberal blacks who question the president on policies. Compare; according to Booman white people are racist when they question the president on policies and Black folks are "confused" question the president on policies.

If that's not racist, it's certainly close enough to make me clutch my pearls. Does Booman really need a white hood to match his well worn Brown Shirt? Oddly, the KKK saw a resurgence during the last Democrat Presidency that was as bad as the Obama Admin. Maybe Booman's channeling Woodrow Wilson?