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btw, there's some discussion of the nycweboy post buried over here, too.

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So that's how it's done. He dialed it back nicely while responding to "Tina" and Charles Lemos. Wish I could stay that cool.

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I find the idea of man who went to the most expensive/exclusive high school in Hawaii [Denier Alert, I know somebody who went there]...a man who could go "back" to school at Harvard on a whim being from...

"a working class family...remember[ing]...the struggle and empathiz[ing] with the working classes" - Tina

...somewhat nauseating.

Pres. Obama might have more pigment in his skin than many caucasians, but he was raised by a white family and for the most part in an upper class white neighborhoods. His only contact with the Afro-American community was the servants that worked in his household and he did not think enough of them to merit mention so it could not have been that close of a relationship.

Now clearly his mother lacked "empathy" and was in the vernacular of day, a "cold" mother, indifferent to the needs of a young Barry and that was...truly a hardship. However, such hardship is not that of poverty and does not usually create empathy, rather it has a tendency to produce sociopaths who lack the quality of empathy.

The fact that Obama has continually obscured his wealthy background and the despicable treatment by his mother should be seen as further evidence that he does not wish to come to terms with it, instead he seeks the approval of powerful people to validate himself and anneal childhood wounds which weren't poverty, but an uncaring mother.

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Having read part of Dreams From My Father, it would seem that he came from a comfortably middle-class family, nothing more. If he seemed prosperous by today's standards, I think that speaks more to the great increase in the wealth of the middle class in the 50's and 60's and 70's.