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State Of The Union - Watch For This Gem Tonight

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Congress? - Bush don't need no stinkin' Congress.

Watch for King George's proclamation regarding earmarks tonight. Finally (i.e. now that Dems run the Congressional roost), he has had enough of them.

Because our dear Ruler lacks the Line-Item Veto, he's simply going to sign an Executive Order that says, FUCK YOU, Congress - you only write the laws - the government (aka W) is not going to enforce those parts we (aka HE) doesn't agree with.

Vetoing is too messy, I guess. W wouldn't get those parts of the legislation he wants.

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as somebody (EkCenTrik I think) just said over at the House of Gray,

Cheney stands up on the "we will deliver justice to our enemies" line. "

Good cover for the need to pass gas.

Poor Nancy.

I sympathize (sorta) for her squishing her chair up closer to the one holding Darth Cheney (if she doesn't the only parts of her that get on teebee from that camera angle is her right elbow and occasional strand of hair) but she may rethink the tradeoff.

Then again there's the "free at last, free at last, thank God almighty" aspect of knowing that this is the very. last. SOTU. to which she and we will be subjected from this Miserable Failure.

huzzah, i guess.

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and this is all he can come up with. The word pathetic is an overstatement.

As much as I dislike Diane Feinstein, her response is the best I've seen thusfar:

Statement of Senator Dianne Feinstein on
President Bush’s State of the Union Address

I found the speech disappointing. It was narrow and lacked vision.

I believe the American people have pretty much moved beyond this Administration. They’ve moved on to the Presidential campaign – wondering who’s going to be the next President, and what does the future hold?

In a sense, this was a wrap-up speech. It was the beginning of the end to eight very tough years.

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Incident repeated ad nauseum by tweety (I think it was the Tweetster cuz I think I was on msnbc all night although the intent of course was to hear KO). when she was asked something like "aren't you all being so mean to Der Presidenter by not giving him everything he wants" or something to that effect, she said, "Poor baby."

And the astonished witness asked "Is that on the record?" in disbelief, and she said "You bet it is. 'Poor baby'."

There are times I have hope for that woman. This is one of them. :)