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Stars in his eyes - Reid backs Caroline

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Oh, Harry, Harry, Harry...

Reid told reporters in Las Vegas on Tuesday that New York “has a history of sending stars to the Senate.” He cited Kennedy’s late uncle, Robert Kennedy, and Clinton as examples.

Um, Harry, those two actually RAN for the office. They didn't jump to the front of the line.

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Submitted by lambert on

At least Palin was a governor, for pity's sake. And I imagine all the people who were so insulted because "McCain chose her just because she was a woman" will be up in arms about this one. Ditto all the people who were so concerned about the "Clinton Dynasty"...

Unsurprisingly, I googled Kennedy and couldn't come up with her policy positions. If she was for HR 676 (which I gather she's not) sure, but...

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Submitted by amberglow on

Will ‘The Nanny’ Go to Washington?

Ms. Drescher has done some serious stuff, like campaigning for cancer cures and better health care. ...

but it shouldn't be a celeb at all, but someone with a real track record of fighting for us. We're overloaded with good fighting pols here -- it's sick.

i voted for Tasini over Hillary in the primaries before--he was far more liberal, and i'll vote against a bad pick in 2010 as well.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

I see no reason celebrities should be seen as any different than any other person. Personally, I'd like to see someone who does as much for third world countries as Angelina Jolie be in Congress. The power of celebrity could put international poverty and refugees on the front pages of any newspaper and build popular support for action. She has several years of vocal advocacy and backs it up with a tone of personal money. And someone like Al Franken? The guy's an unabashed liberal who openly ridicules conservative failures rather than cozy up to their ideas on regulation.

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before turning off the TV last night--and I could not believe my eyes and ears. His expression was almost beatific! One, what was Reid doing messing around in NY State politics? And, two, senate seats are not celebrity prizes! (Is the presidency one?) Nor are they supposed to be legacies, even if Biden is working to make his one for his son. I do get that children growing up in political households learn a lot about politics, but, still--this is a bridge too far for me.

I've had respect for the dignified way Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg (when did she lose her married name, btw?) has lived her life, while quietly doing public service. I have no idea how well she can campaign and get her ideas across to people. I have no idea what her stands on many issue are--or were--or how she would vote on many things. I can project Teddy's legislative history, but that's all.

Might she be very, very good in office? I have no idea. But that seems to be a current fad--elect people with little experience or no paper, voting trail. Didn't work so well with BushBoy. Let's hope (that word again) it works better with Obama.

When Hillary ran for the senate seat, she put in a massive effort and much time to educate herself about every county in NY State and went on a listening tour of, iirc, every county or nearly every county. She had experience trying to work with legislatures, both as first lady of Arkansas and First Lady of the US. She was, indeed, a public figure and had taken public stands. She had shown she could withstand public scrutiny and media abuse. As have opther current NY politicians.

C'mon! Backing a winning presidential candidate does not mean you get a senate seat as reward! That's what ambassadorships to extremely friendly countries are for.

And what's with Schumer?? Good grief.

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Submitted by carissa on

with the spousal unit. He's all "She's a Harvard Grad, from Columbia!" I told him that I actually LIKE Caroline, but that I totally resent this idea that because she's a Kennedy she has a right to this seat. He thought I hadn't been following this at all.

If she wants political office, then she should compete for it, just like Hillary did. And that doesn't mean making phone calls to a few key Democrats. Honestly, this whole spectacle is gag inducing.

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Submitted by Iphie on

"He's a Harvard grad, from Yale!" Did your spousal unit buy this argument in support of Dubya?

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Submitted by carissa on

However, he still listens to Air America, and I gave up on them a long time ago. Is he hearing it there?