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Stanford prof solicited for Warren pushback on feckless bank regulators. Oops...

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This is a Fox Business Channel segment of surpassing entertainment value--watch it soon, cause it's bound to be taken down shortly.

Under the rubric "Is government being too hard on the banks?", "correspondent" Melissa Francis mounted a push-back against Elizabeth Warren's widely praised roasting of a panel of do-nothing regulators for their abysmal failure to punish even the most egregious bank criminality.

"Is she being too tough for her own good?" concern trolls Francis.  "We don't want to over restrict the banks"

Somewhere a producer is looking for a new job, because Francis was provided as her accomplice in this smear job with an economics professor from Stanford who obviously failed to get the memo.

Repeated attempts to steer Dr. Anat Admati down the desired path were so unsuccessful that Francis ends her interview with "Well, we certainly have provided both sides here" (more or less an involuntary venture into fair and balanced...)

I swear, the look on her face wouldn't be out of place in one of those commercials that end "I should have used preparation H!"

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Bearing in mind that the odious John Taylor dominates the Stanford econ. department, I can understand why the producer would think that anyone from that school should be a reliable shill for an attack on Warren. The Foximbo (Fimbo? Fox Bimbo?) was increasingly nonplussed at having a non-cooperating witness. I think she just couldn't believe what was happening to her.