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Stan Freberg: Why the Thanksgiving Turkey (and the United States of America)

Inspired by Susie, here's another "LP" we were listening to at about the same time as "Alice's Restaurant."

Heck, here's the whole album:

[Introduction, overture (Billy May), and narrator (the great Paul Frees*): "Stan Freberg modestly presents... "]

["1492, Madrid. The Queen of Spain grants an audience to an obscure Italian sailor... "]

["November, 1621. By now, the white man has arrived in great numbers... "]

"Say, that big luncheon under the trees? We'll ask in Indian! What a slogan! [breaks into song]

Take an Indian to lunch
This week
Show him we're a regular bunch
This week
Show him we're as liberal as can be...

["... a voice cries out in the wilderness, and a city is born... "]

["... on a hot July night in 1776, Benjamin Franklin was aroused from his work by the call of destiny... "]

["December 1776, on the banks of the Deleware... "]

["Yorktown, 1781. This was the climax... "]

NOTE * Unbelievably when you hear this, Frees also voiced Boris Badenov.

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And, with Thanksgiving passed, we can enjoy Stan Freberg's classic "Green Chri$tma$":

Hope it's not too early but it's always purely enjoyable, I think.