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Stage presence.

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from IOZ, of course

I guess liberals are gleeful over the generally nutty display at last night's GOP shindig, but I will say this for the Republicans--as a matter of pure aesthetics, they have produced once again a genuine bestiary of real American types, whereas every time I see a gathering of Democrats, they seem to have beamed straight from some nearby planet…

…Ron Paul is as affable and futilely beloved as any barroom political crank; even the crackpot pizzabaron is comfortably of the same species as you and me. Barack Obama on the other hand seems like a holodeck beta test.

Alas, I have quoted all but a sentence and a couple of phrases. The missing bit is terribly funny, though (as you might expect).


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And yes, cry havoc and let slip the dogs of misogyny!

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great title for the pic...anyone else think it might be her "Dukakis" picture? A way for the MCM (And the plutocrats who I have to think have chosen O for another term) to sink her candidacy?

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to find out.

Seriously. The usual suspects are already all over this like stink on Iowa State Fair cowshit.

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But it doesn't look all that good.

Back in WI, we had a milk maid spokeswoman, picked in a beauty pageant type thing, I think, and she was known as Alice in Dairyland. There was a huge cow where people could get unlimited (whole) milk to drink. I don't think there was chocolate milk...

But I do not remember corn dogs. Perhaps my parents wouldn't have allowed them.... I do remember looking at the pie winners. My mother made a great crust and would comment on the quality of the crusts.